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Celebs on Bigg Boss 16 fever which has gripped the nation

Bigg Boss season 16 is on air and has already grabbed attention. Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing who gets to take the trophy ...

Bigg Boss season 16 is on air and has already grabbed attention. Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing who gets to take the trophy home and are already vying for their favourite contestant to win. We ask celebs if they would take up Bigg Boss if the Salman Khan-hosted reality show is offered to them. Here’s what they said:

Arun Mandola

I did not like Bigg Boss till I saw season 13 because I don’t like fights and chik chik all the time.  But in the last two seasons that I have seen, I felt that this show is full of stress and anxiety but slowly I understood this show mirrors the real world. This type of show will change your life, you will get the power to judge people easily and learn how to handle people. It’s like a school. The show makes you a star overnight and helps you learn lots of things. But at the same time, they are very risky to do because you don’t know what will happen to you. There are chances you will become what you are in reality. If you don’t have patience then this type of show is not for you, but yes now I am ready for the show. If I get the opportunity to do the show then definitely I will do it.

Sumit Kaul

I am not someone who says never. But the chances of me being offered Big Boss are less and therefore I am accepting it even lesser. I think it’s a very entertaining show. However, it requires a certain kind of aptitude to be able to survive in that house. I am not a very competitive person nor am I that entertaining in real life. So, it's better I stick to what I know best and that’s acting.

Nikhil Nanda

Big Boss is a very negative show and being an eternally positive person, I would never fit into it well. Also, I think I make more money in my business than the budget of the show. So there is absolutely no attraction for me either way.

Shehzada Dhami

I will do Bigg Boss only for Salman Bhai. I really love him. When I started going to the gym to be physically fit, I always wanted my physique to be just like his. I look up to him. So collaborating with him in any way would be like a dream come true for me.

Aniruddh Dave

I did get an offer from Bigg Boss about four years back. But at that time, I couldn't do it because I had already signed a regional film. It's a different show. People love this reality show. It takes courage to get into a show like this. As it shows the real you on National TV. For someone like me who doesn't even like to click a picture or make a reel, it’s even more challenging. But if I get a chance with a good offer, I might think of doing it.

Charrul Malik

I was offered to be part of Bigg Boss two years back but I was under contract so I wasn't able to do it. I was working with a news channel at that point inup to time. After that also, this year I got a call that they are pitching my name but then again I didn't get a call. Maybe there is no controversy attached to me or whatever the reason is, I don't know. Of course, if I got a chance, I would love to do Bigg Boss. You can be yourself in the show and I really want to be myself if I get the show. There is no chance of saying no to Bigg Boss.

Rohit Choudhary

Bigg Boss has started and I am a big fan of Bigg Boss but lately, it’s not been fun watching the show. I enjoyed the season Siddharth Shukla was a part of after that the contestants were not upto the mark. I would not want to enter the house at the moment due to prior commitments. In the future, if they call me if I don’t have commitments I would think about it. I think for shows like Bigg Boss a person cannot pretend for a long time that somewhere your true nature comes out and it's a show where if you are not active you won’t be visible and eventually won’t survive the show. The fame of Bigg Boss is such that you get immense fame and how to maintain it is on you. Some people find work and some with their attitude don’t get the kind of work they expect. I would like to enter someday.

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