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Celebrities share their dream roles!

From Hrithik Roshan’s role in Guzaarish to sharing the stage with Shah Rukh Khan, here is what these celebrities dream of playing on screen ...

From Hrithik Roshan’s role in Guzaarish to sharing the stage with Shah Rukh Khan, here is what these celebrities dream of playing on screen

Bhuvnesh Mam

To pick only one is a very difficult choice. There are so many roles to choose from and they are so unique to their performances. But if I could I would love to be part of Guzaarish as Ethan played by Hrithik Roshan. He was just amazing in that movie. I feel it was one of the best performances. Many people around me inspire me in different ways.

Megha Sharma

For me, my dream role is something that allows me to work with Shah Rukh Khan and share the stage with him. I am sure I will be able to get that one day as I have started working on it. Shah Rukh is my inspiration. His speeches motivate me a lot. He started from zero and now he is known as Badshah, the king of the world.  I appreciate his hard work and the kind of person he is. All of this makes me dream of working with him one day.

Angad Hasija

I am thankful that I got a chance to act for various characters. Honestly, there are not many different roles for males in the television world. But I am glad I got to do a different type of role every time. At the same time, I am currently doing the role of Paras, which is different from whatever role I have done to date. Paras is a college-going guy and is very energetic. Talking about my dream role, well, I dream of playing a character just like the fictional character named Joe Goldberg in Netflix's series You. It is very challenging to perform a character like that. I wish I could get a role like that and push my limits.

Ayush Khatri

Surprisingly, I don't have any dream role as such. Earlier, I used to wear gemstones like Panna, Moonga, Pukhraj, and even Moti. Apart from that I used to wear a Taveez or other kinds of stuff. So, out of curiosity people used to ask me jokingly, whether I am Ekta Kapoor's brother for wearing all such things. You won't believe I used to say that I want to be impacted by every pure source of energy. So, people whom I used to sit together with, who genuinely cared about me made me understand that, by doing such things, I am unknowingly blocking or binding myself with all those things. They suggested I should remove all that stuff and let my energy flow in different directions. I took their advice seriously, and now when you look at me, I have stopped wearing the rings and chains. I let my energy flow in different directions. That is why I don't have a specific dream role. Yes, but I would like to be cast in a lead role in any good TV show. That is something I am looking for. As of now, I want to be a TV face. After achieving it, I will move on to achieve something big.

Aniruddh Dave

I really don't know how many of you know that playing a "clown" is my dream role. For an actor, it's a great victory if he gets the role that he's ever dreamt of. The Joker is my favourite role. No other character can be so rich in terms of variants of emotions. I wanted to give my soul to a clown someday and I am so happy that it was a small montage that I played.

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