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Godrej Locks introduces ‘My Home Safety Quotient’

As a part of their annual campaign ‘Har Ghar Surakshit’, Godrej Locks has been celebrating November 15 as Home Safety Day. Ahead of its 7th ...

As a part of their annual campaign ‘Har Ghar Surakshit’, Godrej Locks has been celebrating November 15 as Home Safety Day. Ahead of its 7th year of celebration, the brand unveiled for the first time ever, ‘My Home Safety Quotient’ - an online assessment wherein consumers can assess their own homes’ safety through a quick questionnaire.

\Last year, a special initiative called the ‘Live Safe, Live Free Programme’ was announced wherein free home safety assessments were conducted across 52 locations across India (in 10 most vulnerable cities as per NCB data) in 52 weeks. This programme reached over 17,500 households. Inspired by this programme, the brand felt the need to dive deep into consumer behaviour and fears when it comes to home safety in 2023 and hence commissioned new research. 

One of the cities identified for this research was Kolkata, and a key insight received as part of the study is that more than half of respondents in Kolkata (56%) still have underlying concerns about home safety, and 54% of respondents across the country feel the same

This kind of insight triggered the thought of introducing a new concept, i.e. The Home Safety Quotient. Introduced this year by the brand, ‘My Home Safety Quotient’ is an assessment accessible on a newly designed microsite wherein consumers can respond to a few easy-to-answer questions and be assessed via the computer-programmed algorithm on how much risk their home is at. This preliminary assessment is just the beginning, once the Safety Quotient is revealed, consumers have an option of getting a home safety check-up and in-depth analysis done by a team of safety experts – for free. The aim is to trigger fresh thinking about their home safety and encourage them to invest in good home safety and locking solutions. 

“Some of the initial insights that we found from the ‘Live Safe, Live Free’ research was that individuals are experiencing hesitancy when it comes to embracing a carefree lifestyle, especially during the festive season. Kolkata just celebrated one of the grandest cultural events in the country – Durga Pujo and as one of India’s leading brands who have been advocating home safety – we understand the fear and worry about their home safety that also comes along. In many areas, for example the festive season sees a peak in crime rates. 

This is why the ‘My Home Safety Quotient’ is important. As a brand, we have always helped our consumers with home safety assessments and spread the word on the need for the right kind of locking solutions at home. This simple assessment will allow consumers to gauge this themselves. Understand what the Home Safety Quotient is, understand where one’s home needs those safety upgrades and then if required, one still has the option to call experts for an in-depth free Home Safety Check-up. 

The launch of the ‘Home Safety Quotient’ is backed by the findings from our research, that shed light on the significant impact of home safety concerns in the lives of many” says Shyam Motwani, Business Head at Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems.

Some other data received from the research study specific to the city of Kolkata are:

• 45% of respondents have forgone dinners or social gatherings due to worries about thefts and break-ins during their absence. 

• 30% of those surveyed in Kolkata reveal that home safety is a constant thought on their minds. 

• For more than one in every four individuals (26%), safety becomes a prominent concern when planning to celebrate festivals away from home or when visiting relatives. 

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