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Dive into Saptapadi's culinary wonders this Pujo

Durga Puja is not merely a festival; it's a homecoming of traditions, a cascade of emotions, and a time when Kolkata comes alive with th...

Durga Puja is not merely a festival; it's a homecoming of traditions, a cascade of emotions, and a time when Kolkata comes alive with the vibrant spirit of devotion. It's a spectacle that captures the very essence of Bengal.

Hidden beneath all the dazzling lights and grand celebrations is a treasure trove that is just as significant for every Bengali– the Pujo Food. The pujo mood is intricately woven with the flavors that grace their plates during these auspicious days. Saptapadi Restaurant is all set to elevate your Durga Puja experience through an enchanting culinary journey. Its delightful offerings will be available daily from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. between October 18 and 25 across all their outlets including the one in Puri.

Its curated Puja Special Thali costs just ₹899 at Purna Das Road and Baghajatin.  It includes starters like Crispy Radhuni Vetki, Lanka Murgir Kati Kebab,  Begun Til Mohini, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, and Kalmi Chingri Fritters. The main course has Rice/Pulao, Dal, Salad, Phulkopi Paneer er Melbondon, Chingri Sugandhi Malai Curry, Kasundi Morich Vetki, Firingi Mangshor Jhol / Murgir Jhol, Chutney, Papad and Dessert.

For the à la carte menu, Saptapadi's outlets in Behala, Purna Das Road, and Baghajatin. Saptapadi offers a wide range of options, including starters like Fish Fry, Lanka Murgir Kati kebab, Crispy Radhuni Vetki, Begun Til Mohini, Jhuri Aloo Bhaja various beverages, vegetables, dals, rice, bread, and an extensive selection of fish, chicken, and mutton dishes.

For those who crave variety, Saptapadi has come with an extravagant buffet at its Salt Lake outlet for ₹1199+GST, while at the Behala outlet, in celebration of their one-year anniversary, it's available at an exciting price of ₹999+GST! The buffet menu includes refreshing beverages like Lichu Lankar shorbot and assorted cold drinks, a diverse salad, and a live counter where you'll get Green Salad, Chef's Choice Salad, Kolkata Aloo Chana Chat, and Panta Bhat.

The array of starters includes Lanka Murgir Kebab, Kolmi Chingrir Peyazi, Radhuni Vetkir Fritters, Chana Capsicum Croquettes, Beguni - er Moong Mohan, Takur Dalaner kur – Kure Aloo Bhaja. The satisfying main course includes  Luchi, Sada Bhat, Ghee Basmati Pulao, Thakurbarir Jeera Bata, Moong Dal, Dakhin Aloo–r Dumpukt, Teenphoron Suktani, Dhokar Makhmali, Lal Morich Vetki kasundi, Sugandhi Chingri Malai curry, Murgir–Badami Kalia along with an irresistible dessert spread consisting of Anaros Kheer, Rosogolla, Sandesh and Chitrakut to satisfy your tastebuds.

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