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Actor Eijaz Khan shares his journey of Jawan

Actor Eijaz Khan is on cloud nine as his recent release, the Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Jawan has broken all the records. Eijaz who has played ...

Actor Eijaz Khan is on cloud nine as his recent release, the Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Jawan has broken all the records. Eijaz who has played an important role in the blockbuster shares his experience of working in the film. ”It was very surreal and a dream come true. It was really an unbelievable chapter of my acting career. All I want to say is thank you to everyone who made me a part of this big project.” 

Sharing how he got the role in the film he says, "If I think more than anything it was a blessing which came out of the blue. I didn't audition for it or test for it. It just fell into my lap. I got a call from one of my producer friends and he asked, would I want to do something like this. I said of course. He then asked me to give my costume measurements and sent the picture to director Atlee Kumar, he approved it and the very next day we started shooting. It seems like this movie was written in my destiny.” 

Eijaz who used to dance with Shah Rukh Khan in his live shows has great respect for the superstar. He says,” While facing the camera with SRK on the first day, getting star-struck was very obvious. But all of your experience kicks in and you get into auto mode, you have to focus on your scene. In a particular scene with Shah Rukh Khan, I had to focus on the moving camera and a lot of other factors. I had to rush in and hit him with my shoulder. So I didn't really have time to think much but in between the takes, I did tell him that I have worked with you in the past. He said very good which kind of broke the ice between us. He made me work better and genuinely took care of me very well.” 

Eijaz also shared an incident with the King Khan during the screening. He adds,” More than the set, it was the screening of Jawan which has a special place in my heart. When Shah Rukh sir walked across the party he remembered that he had promised me a picture. I asked him after the screening, "Sir I have known you for several years but never asked something from you. But today I want to take a picture with you." He was so sweet, he came to me, hugged me, and asked someone to take our pictures. He said that Jawan would be successful because of our prayers and love. I hugged him back and told him how much we love him and he should take care of himself." I thanked him for making me a part of this."

After the stupendous success of Jawan which is still ruling the box office, how is this going to create a difference in Eijaz’s career? He says,”Of course, I am a part of history and one of the biggest films in the film industry. I really hope Jawan’s success makes a difference in my career as well. I would also like to mention something about Atlee Kumar. He is a magician, he is a visionary. When I was working with him I couldn't even imagine his vision. I can't wait to see how he will create more magic. I wish I could get a chance to work with him and show him what I am capable of.”

Eijaz who has been part of City Of Dreams 2 as well has had a fruitful year so how does he celebrate success? 
“I wish I could celebrate my success but I haven't got a chance, I am pretty busy dealing with some personal issues. But I hope this year I will celebrate everything I want to celebrate.”

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