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World Child Labour Day: It’s high time we stop this, say celebs

It’s heartbreaking to see small kids work instead of studying and enjoying their childhood. This World Child Labour Day, let’s focus on ways...

It’s heartbreaking to see small kids work instead of studying and enjoying their childhood. This World Child Labour Day, let’s focus on ways to abolish this.

Sudhanshu Pandey

When I see child labour, it is one of the most painful sights to see because you don't want to see such little kids, small hands, little faces that need to be smiling, doing some really hard work. My views on child labour are that it's one of the biggest curses on humanity. And this curse should be ending as soon as possible. When we see those kinds of parents who are sending their very small kids to beg on the street, they should be immediately arrested. And the kids should be instantly rescued. And I think the government needs to play a much bigger part than it is now. child labour is getting worse in some countries, essentially, because the population is increasing in many forms. I think every government, every country, needs to really start from the main root cause, which is the expanding population, curb child labour as much as possible, and basically declare it a very, very serious crime of anybody who pulls a child to child labour. That's how we can bring control on it over a period of time.

Afreen Alvi

Yes, of course I don't support child labour at all. My view is that it's a very unacceptable thing. I feel bad when I see these children, they are begging. People are sending them to beg and they are working when they should be in school. I feel really bad. I also feel angry because their parents are just bringing these lives into the world just to keep doing this stuff because they do the same thing. And they expect these small children to just go and follow the legacy, which is just so bad and heartbreaking. I feel angry at children as well sometimes because I see whenever I go from the same road, I see these children come every day. And I give them money so many times. There are times when you do not give them, they are touching you and they are trying to, just take money from you. And you give money to one of them and then there are so many coming. I feel angry because their parents are just sending them again and again. Child Labour is always bad and unacceptable. Somebody or anybody can take a step like not supporting them like this. Maybe we should open more good schools, giving them a good understanding of the future. 

Esha Gaur

I really feel bad about this. We should rather, there are so many NGOs now who have been working on this and a lot of people are coming forward to help these children financially and with things like food and all the materials for studies. I think the government should also do something about this on a larger scale so that it gets reduced and these children get to study and do something better for themselves and for our nation.

Deepika Motwani

Child labour is a violation of children's rights and a serious social issue worldwide. When I see children working on the streets, it moves me, it stresses me and makes me wish and pray that their parents or someone could guide them better! I hope that the government creates effective strategies to implement the bans as per child labour act which was last amended in 2016 and look into further amendments and stricter regulations on child labour. I hope that India bans begging in any form and gives all the children on the street free and compulsory education as mentioned in RTE ACT. Children are our future, they should be provided with education, protection, and opportunities to grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment where they can learn skills which would help them be self-sufficient. Their involvement in laborious activities at a young age can deprive them of their right to education and hinder their overall development.

Harjinder Singh 

I believe that children should be able to enjoy their childhood and have access to education and opportunities to grow and develop. Child labour deprives children of these opportunities and can harm their physical and mental health. It's saddening to see children working instead of playing and going to school. It's important for us to do our part in stopping child labour. It's important for parents to understand that sending their children to beg or work on the street is not only illegal but also harmful to their child's development. It's important for us to educate parents and provide them with resources that can help them improve their financial situation so they don't have to rely on their children for income. It's unfortunate that child labour is still a problem in many countries. We need to continue to raise awareness and take action to address the root causes of child labour.

Madalsa Sharma

Child Labour is a curse on humanity it should be totally aborted. My heart cries when I see small children serving tea to customers. Washing cups and plates or polishing shoes on railway platforms. They should be playing on the grounds or studying in schools. I feel bad thinking of parents sending their children begging or selling stuff. But they can't be totally blamed. Poverty is the root cause. We as a nation work to eradicate poverty and educate the public to give children their due, a good childhood. Countries mainly in Africa are worst as far as child labour is concerned. Main cause is illiteracy and poverty. The UN should look into this problem.

Anupama Solanki

This is extremely sad when I see small children asking for money and selling pens, tissue paper etc. But this is a totally helpless situation. As a good citizen, I can purchase things from them but I feel I may be supporting them by begging what to do. In this scenario, only the government can take the initiative to stop child labouring or begging. If they don’t work then they won’t survive. Government should support small organisations for education and provide food in that area so poor people will send their children for food and then they will get an education plus food.

Simaran Kaur

Kids should be happy, secure, and healthy. In simple terms, child labour is cruel. We see so many little beggars, even at the traffic signals, motels, and restaurants, that I feel terrible for them. When children are used as labourers, their lives are destroyed. Nothing makes you happier than to witness a child smiling and having fun. These kids are the future of our nation. When I see kids working, it makes me really sad. This system must be altered. Put an immediate end to child labour.

Balraj Syal

It breaks my heart to see kids working at such a young age. I'm feeling helpless. This should never be permitted. It's disturbing to see children working in locations like roadside shops, stations and factories.  I don't want children to work when they should be studying and attending school. It is important that a society's and nation's mindsets evolve. I believe that things can change if all citizens feel responsible for each and every working child. I believe the government should take action on a larger scale to reduce this and allow these children to grow and achieve better for themselves and our country.


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