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Celebs talk about their first earnings

Ruhaan Saapru My first earning was from a fashion show which was offered to me after winning the title of Mr. Pune. I was paid Rs.1000 for m...

Ruhaan Saapru

My first earning was from a fashion show which was offered to me after winning the title of Mr. Pune. I was paid Rs.1000 for my first show where I had to go for a two days rehearsal and the third day was the main event. I know it's very less but for a beginner, it was like winning the entire world. I always wanted to give my mother my first earning, and finally, the day was here. I gave my first earning in her hands and she added Rs1000 more to it and gave it back to me out of which I purchased my first  G-Shock wristwatch. Also, this is how my addiction to watches started.
Megha Chakraborty
My first earning was Rs 500, It was after I had given my 10th board exams. I was tutoring a student for Maths from 4th grade. I was so happy and so excited. Since I am a foodie I had gone out for dinner with my first earning. 

Lokit Phulwani
My first earning was from a promotional activity for Blackberry mobile at Dubai Mall during my college days. I had handed over my entire earnings to my mother. She did give me some back which I used and gave treats to my close friends.

Madalsa Sharma
At the age of 17 I earned my first money. Fitting master by EVV Satyanarayan signed me in the lead role for my 1st Telugu film, Alasyam Amrutham. My parents have raised me well and they made sure I felt like a princess every single day, till date. They have nurtured me with values and things I’m supposed to know and value. So I always knew money is important but I took my time to learn that in an elaborate way.

Ssudeep Sahir
I was in the 7th grade when I had put up a stall in a Diwali mela in Delhi. That was the first time I earned money. I think I had made a profit of 4,500₹ then. When I moved to Bombay, before that I was working but living with my parents in Delhi so everything was taken care of. When I moved to Mumbai I realised that I had to do everything myself, take care of my rent, food, travel, etc expenses all by myself. That’s when I really started understanding the value of money. 

Anupama Solanki
I earned for the first time in my college days when I got my second music album. After that, I have done lots of music albums and events. I did not understand the monetary value until my parents did not stop sending my expenses. For the last 3 years, I did not take a single penny from my family. I respect my parents' hard work and now my perspective has totally changed.

Sheeba Akashdeep
I started earning when I was 14. I was in school when I started modelling. I value the hard work that goes into earning the money and I value my parents. Even before I started earning, they are the most valuable thing I have.

Aadesh Chaudhary
The first time I earned it was when I was in class 12. I started modelling and got paid Rs 1000 for a fashion show in 2000. When I came to Mumbai, I understood the value of money because though I got support from home, I still had to be careful about my spending. Money Is energy. I have seen my dad really work hard and I respect money. I value my parents and whatever they have taught me and I value everything in life. Finances are very important. When you depend on your family you have to justify every expense and being financially independent is very important. My dad always told me that we should never compromise our needs and we should never spend unnecessarily. Keep working hard and pushing your limits. Keep earning as money is necessary in this world to live.

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