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Arjan Bajwa: I don’t think success and happiness can be defined together

Happiness is an internal phenomenon. It not only makes our life better but also keeps us internally and externally fit. There is a saying, l...

Happiness is an internal phenomenon. It not only makes our life better but also keeps us internally and externally fit. There is a saying, laughter is the best medicine. Actor Arjan Bajwa known for his films Guru, Fashion, Arundhati, Bobby Jasoos, Kabir Singh, and web series like State Of Siege: 26/11, Bestseller, says that the definition of happiness varies from person to person.

“I wish I could define happiness in one word. Contentment in life brings happiness for sure. But in today’s world, it is not possible as most of us have trained our minds not to be content amid all the temptations and competition. As human beings, we are lured into looking at the other side even if we are doing well. The anxiety and stress to achieve something or be like someone else also affect our mental and physical health at times. You can have all the riches in the world and everything you desire that makes you happy, but if you are unwell then all these things mean nothing. Nurture the progressive thought that ‘I am better than yesterday and ready to make things better’, it will keep you motivated, make you feel good,” he says.

It is said that being happy is more important than being successful. Arjan looks at it in a different way. He explains, “I don’t think success and happiness can be defined together. There are people who are successful but are unhappy and at times it’s the other way around too. So, what kind of success are we talking about when there is no happiness? It’s a very broad term and every individual has their set parameters for being happy. Success and money definitely take care of a lot of things in life, but not everything.”

Happiness is related to health and wellness. “Health and wellness are the most important in life. As I said, you can have everything in life but if you are not healthy, nothing matters. In any stage, age, or situation in life, the only important thing is health. If you’re a billionaire but you’re unwell, then that will bother you, make you sad,” he says.

Arjan cherishes life in every way. “The blessing you get from people, your well-wishers, the strength that you get from your loved ones, and the patience and positivity to just keep going amid all the difficulties, are things that I cherish. Touchwood, I have been brought up in a way that has made me strong enough to never give up. What I cherish the most is to get up every time I fall,” he smiles.

Talking about what inspires him to stay joyful, the actor adds, “What motivates me to be happy is debatable. It changes every time. Sometimes when you do good work and come home you’re happy, there are times when listening to music or enjoying a good meal, or spending time with your loved ones makes you happy. Happiness is time bound and subjective. Strength and satisfaction come from everything, time, people, your surroundings, what you eat or think, and so on. You can’t say one thing is the greatest strength as everything is usually a culmination of many things mental, physical, and emotional. To imbibe all those energies and move on is probably the strength everyone should nurture. I do the same too.”

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