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3-day International Short Film Festival 2022 at ICCR

The 2nd edition of the International Short Film Festival, ISFF 2022 kicked off on 27th of May 2022 at the Satyajit Ray Auditorium, ICCR. Pr...

The 2nd edition of the International Short Film Festival, ISFF 2022 kicked off on 27th of May 2022 at the Satyajit Ray Auditorium, ICCR. Presented by Raddur, this was part of the 101st birth anniversary celebrations of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray. The three-day festival was officially powered by JIS Group of Educational Initiatives.

The film festival held from 27th to 29th May aimed to put forth the independent voice and the little wonders of the filmmakers of tomorrow, to elevate the visual aesthetics with a focus on the culturally diversified cinema from across the globe.

The focus was on the attributes of Santhali cinema and the minority voice of LGBTQ+ cinema and gender-neutral cinema as well as anti-war films. Films from across the globe, short films from Cannes, Venice, and Busan were there – all amazing short films that celebrate the taste and rhythm of sanity of cinema from the global panorama.

The Minister of Forest & Minister of State for Consumer Affairs Government of West Bengal, Birbaha Hansda was the chief guest for the opening ceremony of ISFF 2022 on May 27. Alokananda Roy, Anusua Majumdar, Kalyan Sen Barat, Kohinoor Sen Barat and Pandit Kumar Bose were among the other distinguished guests.

While the event started with an instrumental tribute to Satyajit Ray where tunes from his films were performed on stage, a biopic on Madhabi Mukherjee by Kaushik Sengupta was screened as a non-competitive inaugural film.

Celebrating the independent essence of cinema, there were films from Nepal, Manipur and from Europe, America, Egypt, Venice, France to name a few. A total of 64 films from 30 nations were screened. They included ‘Look at the Sky’, ‘Nauha’, ‘Shabnam’, ‘Roqaia’, ‘I am afraid to forget your face’, ‘Layla’, ‘Transit’, ‘Censor of Dreams’, ‘August Sky’, ‘The Last day of Patriarchy’, ‘Systam’, ‘Kopfkino’, ‘Opnag’, ‘Stephanie’, ‘Lemongrass Girl’, ‘Lili Alone’, ‘Erolnungdagi (From the Depth)’, ‘Only the wind knows the Truth’, ‘Mohot’, ‘Sekool’, ‘Son of Vultures’, ‘Bare Trees in the Mist’, ‘Clinton’, ‘Najariyaa’ and ‘Sacred Galuchi’.

Panel discussions, film networking and a masterclass on film pitching, funding, and distribution by Arifur Rahman, a masterclass on screen acting by Naila Nupur Azad and a masterclass on cinema appreciation by Sanjay Mukhopadhyay.

Cash prizes for the three best films as well as 20 other categories were given away on the final day, May 29. Actors Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sanjib Dasgupta, Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Kalyan Sen Barat and Dinesh Poddar were among the guests present on the last day. Actor Soumendu Roy was bestowed with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his excellence in the field of cinema.


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