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FILM REVIEW: KGF- Chapter 2 : Paisa Vasool entertainer

Rating- 4.0* The much-anticipated KGF-2 finally hits the theatre a few days ago. The hype surrounding the film was built up right after th...

Rating- 4.0*

The much-anticipated KGF-2 finally hits the theatre a few days ago. The hype surrounding the film was built up right after the film was announced and with the introduction of Sanjay Dutt as the principal antagonist, expectations skyrocketed. It was heartening to see the Housefull board at the first show, 10 am in one of the leading single-screen theatres in South Kolkata. Also, with Allu Arjun’s Pushpa and the recently released Jr. NTR – Ram Charan’s RRR, the doors of all dubbed South flicks have opened wide for the mass India belt.

The first part of KGF had ended on a high point, keeping the audience’s curiosity at a peak for three and a half years just as the suspense was built up for Bahubali-2.

In this installment of KGF-2, Raja Krishnappa Bariya aka Rocky Bhai after killing Garuda and with his intelligence is now the sole indestructible owner and ruler of KGF- Kolar Gold Fields. But Rocky’s enemies want to ruin his plans to extend his empire so they seek the help of the ruthless and mighty Adheera to finish Rocky. In a parallel move, the Prime Minister of India Ramika Sen fearing Rocky’s meteoric rise also wants to wipe him out. The story of Rocky is narrated by Prakash Raj who plays the sutradhar Vijayendra Ingalagi, the son of Anand Ingalagi (portrayed by Anant Nag in KGF- Chapter 1)

The film clearly belongs to both Yash as Rocky and Sanjay Dutt as Adheera. Both have their swags in tow and their fans will love their individual entry scenes as well as the no-holds-barred climax action. Watch out for the climax sequence! Sanjay Dutt’s get-up is strikingly similar to the Vikings and also heavily inspired by the Mad Max films, but only he could have carried off such a larger-than-life role. Just wish he had more screen time.

Yash is as flamboyant as his dialogues in the film. Raveena Tandon breathes fire into her role as Ramika Sen. Srinidhi Shetty is wasted and disappointing as Rocky’s love interest and has hardly any dialogues or songs. Director Prashanth Neel revisits the 70s and 80s by introducing a larger-than-life hero and larger-than-life villain, making it a complete ‘mass entertainer’. He fills the screen with slo-mo seeti-maar moments of both Yash and Sanjay Dutt. The scenes are hyped up with the audience salivating to see the next scene. The action choreographed by Stunt Rider Sufi is mind-boggling. On the flip side, the film’s uneven pace along with certain flashback portions lessens the impact making it lose momentum. The relationship between Rocky and Reena is also totally botched up and conflicting.

The Prashanth Neel-Yash-Sanjay Dutt team gives a raw and brutal action-packed full paisa-vasool mass entertainer.

PS: A surprise awaits in the post-credits scene. Not to be missed!


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