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Bamboo board based furniture & housing materials now a reality

Artison Agrotech , the world’s First  Processed Engineered Bamboo Board (PEBB)  based Home Builder and Furniture Manufacturer showcased thei...

Artison Agrotech, the world’s First Processed Engineered Bamboo Board (PEBB) based Home Builder and Furniture Manufacturer showcased their unique initiative on Building Green Sustainable Economy recently. Artison through its agroforestry project with Bambusa Bambo manufactures eco-friendly furniture and housing materials. Debopam Mukherjee, Founder & Director, Artison Agrotech Pvt Ltd along with Nitesh Kumar, MD & CEO, Emami Realty were present on the occasion.

The Indore headquartered organisation, which started its commercial operations in 2020, has robust plans for the year 2022 - 2023 and beyond to expand its presence primarily in the B2B segment as well as the B2C segment. After an initial investment, Rs 200 crore, Artison Agrotech will be investing Rs 700 crore this fiscal. The company which has Experience Centres in Indore will be unveiling its Experience Centre in Kolkata, later this year. The company also has plans to come up with Experience Centres in Ahmedabad and Nagpur. Their online sales too would start from this year. So far, Artison has generated up to 9,000 employment opportunities with an aim to create 1,50,000 new direct and indirect job openings in the next 5 years.


With a mission to replace timber and fight climate change, Artison Agrotech has built the world's first Processed Engineered Bamboo Board (PEBB) factory in Madhya Pradesh for making furniture and housing materials. Artison has also made World’s first PEBB based home in Madhya Pradesh. Couple of bamboo-based homes are likely to come up in West Bengal this year. The company has constructed the first-ever bamboo bridge in Bhopal and is also building a sustainable city in Dubai. To meet the demand, the company has started an extensive bamboo plantation in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and in the middle of the desert in Dubai. In 2023, the company will be coming up with the World’s first factory in Dhamnod (Madhya Pradesh) which will manufacture Particle Board and MDF from 100% Bamboo.


“Keeping the Make In India concept in mind, in our mission to build a sustainable green economy, we, at Artison, aim to fuel a bamboo revolution in India. Bamboo plantation helps regenerate unused and degraded land and at Artison we have restored 50,000+ acres of degraded land so far.  Through this initiative, we not only endeavour to save ecology, replace timber and save forests in returnagroforestry but also strive to enhance the income of the farmers associated with our initiative.  Currently, we procure Bambusa Bambos from 30,000+ farmers, the plantation of which is done in the agro-forestry model. Farmers associated with us plant seedlings from Artison’s very own nursery and also gets to sign a 40-year guaranteed buy-back contract. Going a step further, Artison also shares 24% of its profits as a bonus with farmers annually, providing economic stability and security. We have faith to reach out to more and more people with our concept in near future and this exhibition in Kolkata is a step towards that,” said Debopam Mukherjee.

“We work closely with Self Help Groups to bring more participation from women and increase opportunities for them. Two-thirds of our workers in our factory are women. This has spurred a mini-revolution in the neighbouring villages. Thus, many farmers and their families are opening new ventures and expanding their horizons. We work with Industrial Training Institutes to ensure skilling of rural workers. So far, up to 6,000 employment opportunities have been created in 32 village units. Additionally, more rural employment is being created through bamboo-based value-added products. By 2024, we aim to plant 1 crore Bambusa Bambos saplings across India,” added Mukherjee.


The company also showcased a 2-day exhibition of PEBB furniture at Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC).


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