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#WorldSleepDay: Celebs on why good sleep is a must for healthy mind & body

Covid and subsequent lockdown affected the way we have been living our lives. Our work culture also got affected, while most of us stayed co...

Covid and subsequent lockdown affected the way we have been living our lives. Our work culture also got affected, while most of us stayed cooped up at our homes. What also went for a toss is our sleep cycle which had an adverse effect on both our mental and physical health. On World Sleep Day (March 18) which celebrates the benefits of healthy sleep and raises awareness around sleeping disorders, celebrities share how they ensure taking enough rest. They also answer questions like whether they make it a point to sleep on time, the minimum sleep hours they maintain, how much a good sleep helps them, and what makes them sleep peacefully.

Adaa Khan

I used to go to bed at 9 at night now it has got pushed to 11 given my work schedule. Sleeping on time is as significant as waking up on time. Seven to eight hours of sleep is a must for me. I like to watch series before going to bed. But, I usually stay away from technology and have a good me-time before I crash. That’s the time when I look back at how the day was spent and things to look forward to the next day.

Namita Lal  

As an actor I do know what a huge difference good sleep makes to the way one performs, one is able to learn the lines, look good in front of the camera etc. So like any other profession, sleep is very important and probably more so when you are in the creative field. I try to go to bed on time around 9 pm. First I switch off the phones, TV and get into bed with a good book that is what really helps me sleep well.  The other things that I do is early dinner, and finish by about 7:30 pm and go for a walk after dinner, put on some nice flute music when I'm with my book in bed, light candles or camphor with some nice scents, say lavender or Lemongrass in my burner. During summer, I take a shower to keep my body hydrated before I go to bed. Having said that, being an actor, there are many times that sleep gets distracted because our shooting schedules are erratic. Also, as a producer, I get into calls late even at night with people from across the globe for our films. So a lot of distraction happens. The majority of the time I do require about 6 - 8 hours of sleep and love getting up early in the morning.

Saanand Verma

I always make sure that I sleep at least for 6 hours and normally I work very hard so I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I go to sleep the moment I hit the sack, so that is a blessing. I'm always living my life free from all the stress, I don't worry too much and take things as they come, enjoying every moment. So I get a very peaceful sleep every time. Our field of work is very uncertain. It always depends on the story, also what the scene or character demands, accordingly shooting schedules also vary. Sometimes we work round the clock. Given the nature of my job, if I'm unable to sleep at night, maybe have slept for three and half hours, I try to catch some sleep in between my shots whenever I get a break. The sleep quota needs to be completed. By the grace of god I don't need any assistance like sleeping pills or alcohol or meditation to doze off.

Ankit Siwach

One thing I have learnt from life is that everything is important. We have to take out time for work, family, friends, leisure and all other things practically possible which are not under our control but we have to manage. In order to divide 24 hours in a way that everything can be done efficiently, only one aspect has to be compromised, that is sleep or rest. I have trained my body and mind in a way that I can go without sleep for a couple of days and can also sleep for one full day, that way I am very flexible with rest and sleeping.

Aparna Dixit

In the industry that we are in, the sleep cycles actually go for a toss with or without Covid. We have night shifts, early morning shifts, so many of us try to get sleep during small breaks on the set. So actually it's very difficult for actors to stick to a particular sleep routine. I make it a point to sleep on time if I am home except for days when we have to go out or on weekends. But I know the importance of getting good sleep for your physical as well as mental health. I try to stay away from my phone and social media 30-40 minutes before my sleep time. Also, I like to shower and meditate for a few minutes before I go to bed. It has helped me a lot.

Puja Agarwal

More than anything else in life, I love sleeping. I can sleep for 10-12 hours a day. I am a Piscean and love my dream world (laughs). When most people were sleeping late during the lockdown, I slept on time, woke up every day at 4.45 am to do my meditation, karate practice and Surya namaskar.

Aditya Deshmukh 

In lockdown, sleeping on time was very difficult and has changed. I do make it a point to sleep on time because I have work and some responsibilities. So I have to get up early, I have to drive all the way for a 2 hours journey to reach the set on time. And my work is my priority. So I have set a few priorities post lockdown. I make sure I sleep for 8 hours, that's the minimum sleep your body requires to heal. But until and unless you don't get proper sleep, you can't do anything. Good sleep absolutely helps you. You're stress relieved, your body gets relaxed, and then you start a new day with enthusiasm and you'll be energetic. And I think when somebody goes to bed, peaceful sleep is a must. If you have a lot of things in mind, you cannot sleep peacefully.  Just think tomorrow is a new day and let's make it the best day of my life. Don't expect anything about how the day is going to turn out. Just think positive. New day, new start that's what I believe in. And if you don't get proper sleep, you might fall sick, nervous breakdown, and your mind will be disturbed,  you might get into depression. So sleep is very important in life and peace of mind is also important.

Aalisha Panwar

At times we used to sleep late and wake up late and at times we were not sleepy at night because our body was exhausted because we were at home. And it's not very great to say that it is somewhere true that few people have been facing this problem till now, can't sleep at night. A few of my Industry friends are also facing such problems. And talking about myself I do face such a problem at times where I don't feel sleepy till 2 in the morning and I have my plans for the next day. But I think we should never make it a habit. So I try my level best. And for that, I practice Yoga, meditation, pranayam because these things help me keep my mind at the right place and give me peace. So whenever I'm in bed, my lights are out and I just doze off. And I always make sure that I get 7-8 hours of sound sleep. We need it for our brain, mental peace, and for brain cells to work properly. And I don't think it's a very good decision to be dependent on pills just for sleep. One should always go for Yoga for this and have warm milk, and before sleeping if you'll have Turmeric milk even that helps. I've tried all these things during the lockdown and that is why I know it. And if I'm shooting and I'm not able to have a proper sleep, I make sure to take quick power naps in between whenever I get time.

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