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Celebs share plans of celebrating the festival of colour

From celebrating with friends to following family traditions, the festival of Holi has a lot to offer. Here’s what these celebrities are doi...

From celebrating with friends to following family traditions, the festival of Holi has a lot to offer. Here’s what these celebrities are doing to ring in the festivities.

Srishti Jain

It’s going to be just close family and friends. My mom cooks a lovely lunch with all our favourite dishes. That’s how we celebrate Holi each year. While Holi is celebrated to signify the victory of good over evil. Personally, I love how colourful it is! On Holi, it’s a colour fest and a treat to the eyes. I’d say currently I love blue and purple the most! I love Balam Pichkari, it’s peppy and fun! Also, I know all the hook steps.

 Aalisha Panwar
This time, I'm here in Mumbai all by myself on Holi. So, I'll be celebrating this Holi with all my close friends here in Mumbai. We cannot forget that Corona has still not gone, so all the precautions should be taken care of. I'll be celebrating the festival at home. I love colours so I will definitely play with colours but make sure that these are herbal colours, organic colours so it’s not harmful to your skin as well. I love dancing and water balloons as well. I love the whole traditional way of playing Holi. Since my childhood, I have always loved Holi and when I was in Shimla, we did not play much with water as it is cold there. So there we only have mostly dry Holi with just colours. I love drinking thandai as well, although not more than 1-2 glasses.
Ajay Chaudhary
I will be on set, shooting for Swaran Ghar. I’m happy and looking forward to playing Holi on the set. It will be fun with the cast and crew. We have a beautiful family at Swaran Ghar. I love Holi, it’s a festival of colour and a beautiful festival and I’m actually very proud that I’m an Indian and I get to play Holi. Now, people are playing Holi in other countries as well, so I’m really glad. For me, the significance is that Holi is a beautiful festival and should be played with love.
Puja Agarwal
It has been a long week for me, as I just finished hosting my birthday party with my friends and family. This Holi, I just want to chill at home with my friends, eat good food and groove. Summers are also the reason I don't want to go out. Holi celebrates the arrival of spring, which also reflects the new beginnings and energy change. For me, it is a festive day to meet people, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. I love yellow and pink the most. Before stepping out, I make sure I put colours on myself instead of anyone else putting them on me. I am a 90s kid and I love Rang Barse - my all-time Holi favourite.
Arun Mandola
This year, I am extremely excited for Holi because for the last two years, I did not celebrate Holi. Covid 19 is controlled in India now and I am hoping that the 3rd wave won’t come. But this doesn’t mean that I will not follow Covid rules. In Delhi, people are crazy about Holi. We wake up in the morning and put colours in a bucket and fill water balloons. Few People are badly drunk during this festival and a few make Gujiya and Pakoras on Holi. In North India, most of the places have colonies, so people behave like they are participating in a parade and this is an opportunity for children to throw colours and balloons. My all-time favourite song is “Holi khele Raghuveera” and I think every Indian loves this song. I love this song because I have been listening to this song since my childhood. So, this song is not only in my mind, it’s in my soul. 
Ranaksh Rana
This year is a new beginning. The ordeal we have all gone through for the past two years has made us resilient in our own ways and there is a recharged sense of commitment towards betterment. To continue with that mindset, I’m planning to focus on my craft and continue working on myself as an actor. Getting even one day free means getting a chance to make that day productive. That’s a festival for me- celebrating every day by doing what gets you closer to your goals. Holi is not just a festival of colours for me. For me, it is the mark of new beginnings- how spring arrives in nature, spring can arrive in our lives too. For me, it is the win of good over evil- not outside, but within ourselves.I like all the colours because each colour in the spectrum represents emotions and we are full of them, aren’t we? I like Rang Barse because that’s my earliest association with Holi. I remember listening to that song as a kid and being amazed by Bachchan Sahab in it.
Hemant Chaddha
First I was not planning to go out but then the thought of catching up with friends after a long time and celebrating with them was too tempting. I am going to party with my friends on Holi. Holi is the festival of colour, it signifies the victory of good over evil. It's the day to forgive and make peace with everyone around us. It also marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter. All different bright and vibrant colours of gulal. The iconic Rang Barse Bhigay Chunar Wali is my favourite Holi track and I will be enjoying it on Holi.

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