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Kolkata’s Megha Shinde is ‘Mrs. Holistic Health’ at Mrs. India Pride Of Nation 2021

Megha Shinde, mother of two from Kolkata won ‘Mrs. Holistic Health’, at the Mrs. India Pride of Nation pageant, held last month. It was an i...

Megha Shinde, mother of two from Kolkata won ‘Mrs. Holistic Health’, at the Mrs. India Pride of Nation pageant, held last month. It was an involuntary decision on her part to participate. Megha who is the driving force of the CSR of a corporate has set herself to fly and instill courage and belief in many girls, much younger than her age.

Since 2012, Megha has adjusted well in Kolkata and as she rightly puts in, “I’m always open to challenges and doing things on stage and in a group have never been a problem for me as since school and college days I have done activities that took away the fear of lights and audience presence. I’m a master at switching roles from being a mother, a housewife and making time to do something which touches my soul by lending support to underprivileged women in our society which have instilled self-confidence and poise in me.”

Speaking on the occasion film and TV actress Madhurima Tuli said “I’m happy to witness an ensemble of beauty, brains and such holistic beauty. Megha is that what today’s women aspire to become. While some try to look beautiful, some contestants wear the best of attires, it’s the beauty that oozes out from within that stands out from the rest. In that way, Megha is the deserved winner of this title.”

Megha is blessed with a family who understands her needs and is very supportive of her long hours of staying outside, yet always on the phone taking care of her kids as her colleagues would always hear her calling her home and asking “Are the kids studying? They have eaten?” She is never away from work or home and it doesn’t really matter where she is. This multitasking ability has helped her to conquer new summits and aspire for dreams, which normal women of her age will seldom try.

“One day I was flipping through the magazines and my kids pointed out why I didn’t participate in a pageant. My daughter said - Mama, why didn’t you participate. All of us are with you. It doesn’t really matter you win or not – for us you will always be a winner. This actually motivated me to go for it and I was confident that I will take the results sportingly. Another aspect that motivated me was to set tangible goals for my girls at NGO, who seeing me would come forward in trying something difficult yet achievable. And I must also thank God and my parents in setting the right values in me to pursue my dreams.

Coming to the event, it was not easy, with so many girls vying for prominence. The ‘Mrs. Holistic Health’ award is given after much scrutiny and the girl with the maximum potential both physically and mentally is given this award. As Megha puts it, “It was an awesome experience and I’m happy that I won the perfect award that aptly amplifies my spirit and beliefs. This will motivate me to opt for different challenges in the coming years”.

The award holds more value in today’s context as ‘holistic health’ is of prime importance. It’s not enough to look good and have flawless skin but look beautiful from inside and radiate warmth, happiness, poise as we go on touching a million lives is extremely critical in today’s complex world.

The event that witnessed participants from 17,000 women from across the globe took place at Leela Ambience, Gurgaon on November 13. The major sequences were choreographed by Shie Lobo. The show hosted 128 women which came down to the top ten and subsequently to the top three.

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