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National Sports Day: Celebs list their favourite sport

National Sports Day spreads awareness about the importance of sports in our lives, honours sporting legends and different national sports te...

National Sports Day spreads awareness about the importance of sports in our lives, honours sporting legends and different national sports teams. It is celebrated on August 29, on the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand, also known as “The Wizard”. He is remembered and celebrated on this day for his contribution to hockey and making India proud in the international circuit. When we talk about staying healthy, sport is one thing that keeps us fit both mentally and physically. On the occasion, celebrities share their love for sports and if they play anything. They also opine about the future of different sports in India and what can be done amid talks around the recognition cricket gets than any sport in India, when that should not be the case. Read on:

Sheena Bajaj

It is true that cricket is worshipped in India. Other sports like hockey, tennis and even football need to be encouraged more, even in schools and colleges too. As of now I don't play any sports. I feel dports should be an important part in our academics. We must give different sports recognition, make our future generation aware of how essential it is to indulge in some kind of sport so that sport becomes a part of our daily life.

Pranitaa Pandit

Sports is a necessity, it's not even an option. Not only boys, even girls should be encouraged to play sports. I will ensure that my daughter Anysha takes an active interest in sports from early childhood. The change has to begin from home. Also, sports should be made compulsory in schools and colleges and everyone should be encouraged to play some game.

Mrunal Jain

I used to play cricket and football in school. Since the last few years I've become a tennis fan. I am doing Tennis Premier League along with Kunal Thakur (actor and entrepreneur). It is my way of promoting sports. Every kid should be exposed to sports at an early age. Playing at least one sport is a must for everyone who wants to remain healthy and fit.

Sneha Namanandi

I played hockey for Maharashtra. I still play throw ball. I definitely try and take some time out for sports because it has always been very close to my heart. It's something that keeps you going in life. I recommend every person to be associated with some sport. It can be any indoor or outdoor game. I am an outdoor sports enthusiast. Hockey has always been very close to my heart. When I was in school my friends always told me that hockey is an injurious game and I was like no it's a fancy sport that's why I chose it but later on I got so much into it that I just couldn't get out of it. It is like such a powerful game that you fall in love with it. Hockey is something where I got injured a lot. It's a very tough game. I think a part of me has become tough because of that sport. I also played throw ball and right now I still have a chance and scope to play the same because it is something that doesn't require regular practice. I can still manage with two days of throw ball practice in a week. But hockey requires you to practice every day without fail but that isn’t possible with my acting and other work. Apart from that cricket is overrated I feel. It's a beautiful sport and all but it has been made more commercial. Football is a great sport. You really need a lot of skill to master the game. For the betterment of sports in India, all schools and colleges should make sports mandatory. Sports teaches you discipline, makes you strong, both physically and mentally. You face a loss, you lose a game, and then you win a game and you understand how to get away with losses and success gracefully. A sport should be a part of every child's life. Happy National Sports Day to everyone!

Sagar Parekh

In a country like India there is a direct need to encourage non-traditional businesses which have a great potential to flourish and contribute to the country’s GDP.  By all these I mean recognising the sports sector as an industry because in a fast growing economy like India where there's a tremendous potential in sports to develop and achieve the status of an industry that can also bring us glory and encourage talent. Previously the sports sector was considered a loss making venture but now with a boom of multi sporting events and leagues that is changing. Also now as India hosts the Indian premier league, Hockey India League, Indian Super League for Football, Pro Kabaddi league etc, so there are many sectors that are booming right now and the league's have come up. Sporting scenario in India seems to be evolving through that. We live in a country where cricket is not a sport, it is an emotion. If you randomly walk through a not-so-busy street, you definitely find someone or the other playing cricket but not football. I think we need to also promote other sports equally. Cricket is probably one sport where they can just go out in the field and just play but you cannot just do it with hockey or football you need a proper turf for that. Government should really focus on that and promote other sports and provide assistance to schools and colleges in order to build such turfs so that children have proper coaching. I think the government should also promote industry based sports education programs so that we can attract a lot of sports tourism in India as well. Proper assistance and R&D in the sports sector is a must because a country needs to have proper sports analytics to assist in coaching professional athletes. This will definitely benefit us in the long run and make us proud worldwide.

Rohit Purohit

I would like to wish everyone a Happy National Sports Day! Yes in India there was a time when only cricket was only emphasised. Everyone used to think there is so much money and glamour in sports cricket. But slowly people are realising otherwise. The digital world has also got people interested in other sports. Now because of the internet people can stream different sports played in India and the world over. When our stars like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ranveer Singh play football people get more inspiration. Now with Neeraj Chopra’s gold in javelin in Olympics 2021 many got interested in the sport. I am more inclined towards cricket and have been playing it since childhood. I am a fast bowler and sort of an all rounder. I play cricket a lot especially when BCL and actors' cricket bash happens. I participate very enthusiastically. Sports teaches you a lot in life. It keeps you fit, gives you strength to deal with both your success and failures. Every child should participate in some sport as sports also teach you team spirit. Sports should be essential in everyone’s life.


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