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Insurance for E-cycles

Kolkata: To celebrate  World Bicycle Day , which falls on  June 3, ,  Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd has tied up with  Global Assure  an as assis...

Kolkata: To celebrate World Bicycle Day, which falls on June 3,Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd has tied up with Global Assure an as assistance partner for their range of smart electric cycles. Global Assure will be providing Cycle Protection to riders.

The concept of insurance is of paramount significance as it acts as a steady shock-absorbing cushion. However, it is restricted mostly to four and two-wheeler vehicles and not cycles. It is in this regard that Motovolt has tied up with Global Assure to provide the best quality of insurance, thereby marking cycles as an important mode of commute in today’s times.

“Of late, the significance of e-cycle is very high as they are emerging as a popular mode of commute, being both cost-effective as well as environment-sensitive. Thus, it is extremely important to get the same protected through the assistance under e-cycle protection plan against all possible odds. Keeping this in mind, we have tied up with Global Assure to promote the use of e-cycles while ensuring its well-being at best. We thus become the first Smart E-Cycle manufacturer of the country to provide insurance option to our customers”, said Mr Tushar Choudhury, founder-director, Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd.

“Global Assure holds its expertise in assurance and assistance for e-cycles. As modes of commute have evolved over time, the growing relevance of e-cycles cannot be overlooked. This initiative of protecting e-cycles will grow to be widely popular as they are a common mode of commuting, especially by the youth,” said Rohit Gupta, head strategic alliances, Global Assure.

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