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Gyaankosh reaches out to schools

Kolkata: Be it physical and mental health, loss of livelihood, loss of active social life. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc with people’s lives in...

Kolkata: Be it physical and mental health, loss of livelihood, loss of active social life. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc with people’s lives in more ways than one. Malls and business establishments have shut down, rendering lakhs unemployed. Schools and classrooms are empty with teachers spending their waking hours prepping for and giving online classes.

This shift to the online mode of teaching has prompted many to launch e-learning platforms to reach out to schools and students and continue the learning process uninterrupted. One such platform is Gyaankosh. Launched by Vandana Paul, Urmila Shaw and Ranit Dutta, it is said to be the most affordable and easily accessible e-learning platform today in the city.

“We present ourselves as a premier institution in imparting e-Education to the students of class I to class X. We act as a facilitator to schools in imparting its channel of education to the students. We customize the content in accordance with the curriculum as per the needs and requirements of the school,” says Vandana Paul.

Digital education is the way forward especially in these times. There is a lot of information at the click of a button but Paul wanted to channelize and streamline these in a simplified way. Gyaankosh is an easy, accessible and affordable platform that aims to reach out to those who are struggling to continue the learning process. Gyaankosh has a team of passionate educators behind it and its mission is to reach out to one and all.

“We came up with this platform as we wanted to find a way out or rather a way ahead in this pandemic to respond to the hurdles that the students and the teachers are facing now. With the entire teaching and learning process going online, we are here to provide a simple solution for the children so that their study doesn’t suffer. During the lockdown period we have seen how difficult it was for the students and the teachers to conduct classes online due to the constant disruption of the internet service. The fluctuations in the net service and the huge net consumption during these online classes have been really difficult for many people. But with Gyaankosh, the student can access the lessons uploaded by the teachers anytime, as per her/his convenience and watch the lesson videos as many times as she/he wants. We developed Gyaankosh as a tool for learning for the students and a tool for teaching for the teachers.

Gyaankosh is a website-based platform, a digital library of video lessons which contains video lessons on various topics of different subjects. It aims to reach out to all strata of society. It offers easy video lessons which will help students to master each concept easily. Students can access their daily video lessons in a simplified way from their smart gadgets. The website can be accessed from computers, laptops, mobile phones as well as tablets, with the minimum consumption of the net data.

“We don’t see ourselves as just a competition to the other online platforms already available in the market, but we would like to introduce ourselves as an alternative. We strongly believe that education is a basic fundamental right of all children. And the tools that empower them with education, be it school, books or an e-learning platform should be made accessible to all. That’s where we want to come in. We want to provide this wonderful tool of e-learning to every student everywhere; from metropolitan citifies to the remotest of villages. We want to grow as a simple platform in which the students, teachers, as well as the parents will have faith in,” adds Paul.

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