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Celebs on how we all can do our bit for a healthier tomorrow

  Restoring peace and harmony in the natural world by reducing pollution, stopping deforestation or any sort of exploitation of ...


Restoring peace and harmony in the natural world by reducing pollution, stopping deforestation or any sort of exploitation of natural resources etc can create a healthy environment. World Environment Day on June 5 creates awareness and highlights the steps to be taken to protect the environment. Explaining how simple lifestyle changes can help in creating a clean and healthy environment, celebrities take the occasion to talk about how they are also contributing to a healthier tomorrow. Read on:

Nivedita Basu

I think due to the pandemic a lot of people have become closer to Nature. Many have been doing small things to save the planet because they have realised the more we play with Nature, the more it plays with us. The crisis is pretty evident that nature will obviously collapse someday and we will have to suffer. When my child was born I was very sure that I would use natural products, from skin care to medicines. When it comes to FMCG, I try to stick to basic natural stuff rather than chemicals and plastic. Slowly we all are adapting to the change.

Vijayendra Kumeria

Recycle and reuse should be our motto. At home, we mostly use organic and bio-degradable products as much as possible. We also have a small garden and my daughter is being taught how to nurture plants, why she should not throw waste on the street but only in a dustbin. We don’t waste water, rather reuse water in many ways. Taps are never kept running while we are brushing or washing our face and hands.

Amit Sarin

Small changes lead to big differences in the quality of our lives and a better tomorrow for the generations to come. The things that we follow at home, I will say the same to others. Use a cycle to reduce usage of cars that run on oils to avoid harmful emission of smoke that adds to the pollution. Choose locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, plant a tree or few in your yard or terrace. Growing your own vegetables provides countless benefits. Think how you can reuse water and most importantly say no to plastic bags.

Aly Goni

We can begin by not wasting water because we all must remember that when this pandemic is over that is the next crisis that is going to hit us hard. And let me remind everyone that there is no replacement for water. Hence water conservation is a must. We should also stop using plastic products and it can be as simple as using paper straws in place of plastic straws, using cloth bags and not plastic bags etc. Also, don’t forget to plant trees in and around where you live.

Saahil Uppal

A lot of us think that we are too small to make a difference, nothing will change but I think if all of us just do our bit, a lot can be changed for the better. A step today can make a better world tomorrow. My little contribution to a better tomorrow is that I conserve electricity, not only in my house but even if I am with friends or relatives, I switch off the electrical appliances that are not in use. I do not litter and whatever I need to discard I always store it in a bag or something and throw the same only when I find a dustbin. Our collective little efforts can make a huge difference in making the environment healthy and clean.

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