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We tend to ignore our mental health: Delnaaz Irani

Mumbai: Veteran actress Delnaaz Irani, who recently made her YouTube debut with her channel, is unhappy with the way the entertainment indus...

Mumbai: Veteran actress Delnaaz Irani, who recently made her YouTube debut with her channel, is unhappy with the way the entertainment industry is looked down upon as a big bad world. She believes it is unfair to single out the entertainment industry for having depression and anxiety-related issues. "I think these issues are there everywhere. You can find that in a normal person walking on the street probably working in a bank, a teacher or anybody could have depression or anxiety. We are more prone to getting targeted. We get targeted for everything it’s not only this because I think it’s assumed that the entertainment industry is a big bad world, everything happens here which is so sad," Delnaaz says.

Delnaaz, who will be seen in WOW originals web series "Pari", thinks every profession has pros and cons and the only bad thing about the entertainment industry is its uncertainty and insecurity. "The only thing I feel is a point of a little stress is the insecurities because you are not in a 9 to 5 job, you don’t know when your next job is going to come to you and that’s the reason why you have stress. Everybody goes through stress, housewives could go through stress, you can get stressed by sitting at home. Stress-related things are not completely professional like I said we are targeted in a bad light always. But the only thing is the type of stress we have is very different from other normal people," she explains.

Delnaaz says the fact also remains that people in the entertainment industry tend to pay more attention to their physicality and ignore mental health. "People here think when you are physically fit you are all fine, but people choose to ignore or maybe it’s a stigma if you talk about mental health. People go to the gym, take care of their bodies, want to look good, want to be healthy but do you really know whether you are healthy from within or not? And if you are mentally happy, sane, and fit only then will all the physical activities react on your body smoothly otherwise not," she adds. She further asserts there is a need to analyze and ascertain if there is something bothering yourself and accordingly take necessary help.

Delnaaz says the key to good mental balance is to stay happy, positive and a strong support system of family and friends, too helps. Personally, to brighten up her mood, Delnaaz says she either eats something or reads a book that she likes or listens to spiritual songs and avoids overthinking about low days. "When I feel low I leave the day as a low day and I don’t try to make it a happy day. On a low day, I will probably listen to sad songs and I will let it pass. There are times when I play a lot of spiritual songs and I just get back my energy, besides I also read a book," she adds. Meditation does help in dealing with mental health, she pointed out.

Being the positive person that Delnaaz is, she says she looks at everything in a positive way and that’s how she has lived her life.  I’ve always felt 'whatever happens is for good' and I’ve always gone ahead with my life keeping this in mind that I have to be happy and I have to be secure, I have to have good physical and mental health and I will do anything to overcome a problem and that’s how I’ve led my life," she concludes.


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