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We are in this together…

Bangalore: With only a minute left to join my office Zoom meeting, I was about to rush to the microwave to heat up my lunch. I was refreshin...

Bangalore: With only a minute left to join my office Zoom meeting, I was about to rush to the microwave to heat up my lunch. I was refreshing my browser over and over again… no vaccine slots available. My cellphone notified me that a friend was in urgent need of an Oxygen cylinder. As I forwarded her a contact, I realized that I was late for my meeting, yet again.

A usual day during the lockdown this year isn’t much different from last year. My IT job has given me the flexibility to work from home. As before, with the advent of lockdowns, every day is the same… starting with meetings, meal planning, juggling work and chores, checking up on close ones and praying for their safety, going to bed with constant agitation, and eventually falling into a deep, dreamless sleep… only to wake up to the exact same day. However, 2021 has proven to be much more insufferable and tragic than 2020. Our country was not prepared to handle the huge surge of Covid cases. Every day as I read and heard about people suffering from a lack of proper healthcare, people gasping for breath, friends and relatives succumbing to this deadly disease… restlessness and uncertainty started taking complete control of my mind.

A major upgrade from last year had presented itself in the form of vaccines. The need to get myself and my close ones vaccinated was of prime importance. But with the lack of vaccines everywhere, booking vaccination slots for my family had become an impossible task.

As the second wave of the pandemic escalated into a tsunami, distress and despair started getting the better of me. However, throwing myself into work helped me temporarily forget, as well as accept whatever was going around me. Focusing on the positive events around me was also a huge help. Social media is infamous for spreading fear and apprehension among us, but this time it came together to help out people in need. Social media not only amplified requests for help, it also dispersed contacts of sources of Oxygen, plasma, hospital beds, meals and other necessities. People joined hands to help each other in whichever way possible, and slowly conditions started improving.

It’s June 2021 and my country is still battling this dangerous pandemic. I am in lockdown, as are most of my friends and family, and I don’t know for how long. I don’t know what the coming days will have in store for us. The pain of losing over 3 lakh Indian lives is still raw. However, hope is a powerful sentiment. I have taken my first dose of vaccine and hope that everyone else will. I hope that we will get over this, we will beat this virus and we will step out without masks again. I hope we will get well soon, because I know… we’re in this together.

- Ananya Ganguly, IT Professional, Bangalore





  1. We all learnt the power of hope through this ❤️

  2. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!