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RADHE : Torture fest

  FILM REVIEW Rating: None   Honestly speaking, watching a Salman Khan film has become a tedious experience. With so many inane entertai...



Rating: None

 Honestly speaking, watching a Salman Khan film has become a tedious experience. With so many inane entertainers like Race 3, Dabangg 3 and now Radhe, it is high time that Salman realizes what kind of dirt he is dishing out. His diehard fans may have turned blind eye to the cringeworthy stuff their Bhai has been subjecting them to, but if Salman has even an iota of mercy for his loyal audience he needs to stop being part of such nonsensical ventures. In any case, he has proved time and again that he is the only constant non-actor in Bollywood right from ‘Biwi Ho Toh Aisi’ in 1988 till ‘Radhe’ in 2021!

Sitting through 110 minutes of Radhe is nothing short of torture, to put it mildly. You actually don’t understand what is happening in the film - right from Salman’s ghost-like entry to Jackie’s underwear darshan to Randeep’s ‘Extraction’ hairdo to Disha Patanis’s out-of-sync character. This is Prabhudeva at his worst with one of the most unpalatable dishes ever served up to his highly expectant but unsuspecting audience.

The plot or what you can make of it: Drug kingpin Rana (Randeep Hooda) is out to take Mumbai youngsters on a drug trip. In comes your Most Wanted Bhai Radhe, an encounter specialist to stop Rana. Stop??

The questions to be asked: WHY the film? HOW has Salman produced this film? WHERE is the entertainment? WHEN does Salman put a stop to the audiences’ torture? WHAT are we critics doing by reviewing these kinds of movies?

Salman has lived up to his commitment factor of releasing this film on Eid, but this now legendary dialogue from ‘Wanted’ which he mouths here is totally out of sync with the film. Film? What film?

Watch at your own risk.


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