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Three divas who are setting the oomph quotient on fire in the Punjabi entertainment industry

Ever heard the term 'soni kudi' folks? Time and again, we often use this terminology to appreciate the charm and beauty of a girl. B...

Ever heard the term 'soni kudi' folks? Time and again, we often use this terminology to appreciate the charm and beauty of a girl. But hey, where does this terminology originate? From the beautiful heartland of Punjab which is famous all over the country for some raging and enchanting beauties. Be it in terms of good looks and sense of fashion or productive and engaging skill sets, the divas from Punjab are ahead in the rat race by a fair margin, more often than not. Well, that's why, it's no surprise that as far as getting vogue goals and styling tips is concerned, a lot of divas from all the country prefer our leading divas of Punjab for some tips and brilliance. While the Punjabi entertainment industry in itself is filled with such beauties, according to us, three individuals are certainly doing it better than anyone else in the world of showbiz. So, let's take a close look and find out who they are according to our fashion police. 

Sonam Bajwa: The actress has been a part of the entertainment space for many years and well, everything right from her acting to her outfits are always on point. She's got a great team of stylists to take care of her enchanting avatars and well, we love the visual delight always. 

Gugni Gill Panaich: She's someone who needs no introduction. Not just a beautiful and pure soul from the outset, but she's equally amazing in terms of her nature and humanitarian deeds. She's rated highly for her fashion choices and the most incredible thing is that whatever she may wear, she always brings in her own sense of style and element into it. From ethnic swag to stylish and suave western outfits, she's a bomb in all of it and no wonder, she's one of the biggest trendsetters from that part of the country.

Shehnaaz Gill: Last but certainly not least, we have to talk about Shehnaaz Gill who too has come a long way forward in her professional life. From winning hearts in Bigg Boss season 13 to eventually winning hearts with her vogue game, she's truly come a long way forward and we love her for all the right reasons.

Well, these are the three divas who our vogue police feel are making the most of the fashion game at present. Here's hoping that they continue to win hearts and inspire others with their choice of outfits and fashion games. 

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