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Super action Punjabi movie 'Je Jata Vigad Gaya' releases soon

If you are fond of good Punjabi films and a fan of Jai Randhawa, then the coming Friday i.e. 17th May is very special for you because on thi...

If you are fond of good Punjabi films and a fan of Jai Randhawa, then the coming Friday i.e. 17th May is very special for you because on this day Jai starrer film Jai Jaata Vigad Gaya is being released in All India. Generally, the makers of Punjabi films promote their films in Punjab and Chandigarh, but the makers of the film along with the film's director and film's hero Jai Randhawa have so much faith in the story of their film and their hard work that all of them Came to promote the film in a five-star hotel in Delhi and here we met the lead pair, director and makers of the film, to let us know what is special in this film.

The director of this film, Manish Bhatt, is a well-known name in the Punjabi film industry. Many of his films were super hits. Now J Jata Vigad Gaya is starring Punjabi film superstars Jai Randhawa and Deep Saigal along with seasoned stars like Pawan Malhotra. Has come among the audience. Recently, the trailer of this film became popular on social media including YouTube, the trailer of this film was appreciated by millions of cine lovers. 

The hero of the film, Jai Randhawa said, "This film is a drama, action and comedy and a family film which will be liked by every class of the audience, the makers have invested generously in the making of the film. The action scenes of the film compete with South and Bollywood films, I did not use a body double while shooting these heart-wrenching action scenes and followed a lot of safety rules, as a result of which its action scenes are the USP of the film." Jai plays Diler, who is as courageous as his name and is loved by everyone. When trouble comes to Diler's family, he shows such a fierce form that the enemies start trembling, Jai added.

This film also gives a positive message which fits in today's environment. Deep Saigal is with Jai Randhawa, who has made his mark with many super-hit films like Shooter, Medal. Deep, who has made his mark with the box office super hit films Gullak, Bugni, Bank Te Batua, says that this film of mine will captivate my heart. This is a film full of romance with a touching story and powerful action, which you will come to watch with your entire family and friends. You will not be upset. All the actors have made this film with complete sincerity and hard work. Both Jai Randhawa and Deep said enthusiastically: "Je Jata Vigad Gaya. It has been an incredible journey for us to be a part of such a great film. This film is the result of the hard work of the entire unit in presenting the entertaining story of the film and it beautifully on the screen. You all must watch it in your nearest cinema."

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