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Sip, Savor, Repeat: Happy International Tea Day

For countless individuals worldwide, tea is more than just a refreshing drink; it's a cultural phenomenon, a comforting ritual, and a wa...

For countless individuals worldwide, tea is more than just a refreshing drink; it's a cultural phenomenon, a comforting ritual, and a way of life. Here are some celebrities who share their love for tea on International Tea Day, May 21.

Soniya Bansal

My favorite blend of tea is masala tea with a little lemongrass in it. It’s one of my favorite kinds of tea. I mean, I love tea, but I am not addicted to it. I like to have everything in proportion. Kuch bhi kam zyada nahi.

Gulfam Khan Hussain

I think the primary love of every Indian palate is tea. If Ali (my husband) and I want to energize, we have tea; if we want to relax, we have tea. For me, tea is a magical elixir—it's calming and energizing at the same time. My love for tea comes from my parents. My father was from Punjab, so his day started and ended with tea. My mother was from Goa, and she made the best tea. I remember my friends coming from the other side of town just to have the tea prepared by my mother. I have various kinds of teas at home: Oolong, Jasmine, Moringa, Floral, Turkish fruit teas, Earl Grey, blue tea, Hibiscus, and chamomile—I have them all. But my all-time favorite is the fully loaded Indian Masala tea. Though I avoid having tea with milk, I sometimes indulge myself. I used to have a lot of tea, but lately, I have reduced it to 2 cups a day—mostly Masala Chai without milk and sugar, just with a dash of jaggery in the morning, and one of the other teas in the evening. Moderation is the key. I believe that however big a problem is, if you have a good cup of tea and sit calmly for a while, you will find a solution. Tea for me is simply divine.

Shubhangi Atre

I prefer tea over coffee most of the time, although I do enjoy coffee occasionally depending on my mood. But I'm definitely more of a tea person. Especially with the monsoon approaching, I'm fond of spiced teas like masala chai, ginger tea, or lemongrass tea, but I like to add something to enhance the flavor; plain tea isn't my thing. I typically have tea twice a day during the monsoon season, but otherwise, I stick to just one cup in the morning, usually masala chai. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to tea, but I really do love it, especially during winters and monsoons.

Ankit Bathla

Well, chai is love because that's how we have grown up. I still remember my favorite memory of chai: when we would get up in the morning and didn't have school, we used to watch Mom and Dad having chai together. That was their time. This is my first memory of chai. So for me, chai is very special. It's a morning drink; I have it with my breakfast. I have a cup of tea a day. First is chai, and the other is coffee. Since I'm a Punjabi from Delhi, I love the combination of chai and rusk. The tea made by me is very famous because I use different masalas. My mom makes this chai masala which includes saunf, laung, and, along with that, I put tulsi and lemongrass. So it's a fully packaged chai. That's what chai is for me. It's ishq, it's mohabbat.

Anuj Arora

I am a tea lover and to be very honest, for me tea stands for companionship. It’s like a love affair because you like to have tea with them who are like your tea partners. For me tea is really special and my tea partner is my mom. Whenever we are together we make sure that we have our morning and evening tea together. I love ginger masala tea and I also love it with lemongrass. More than tea, the addiction is with being with the person you want to have your tea with.

Varsha Hegde

I am not a tea person. I only drink tea whenever I am down with a cold, cough, or fever. During those times, I crave strong ginger tea. Ginger tea is my all-time favorite. However, I am not addicted to tea.

Charrul Malik

I am a tea person, but I don’t drink tea in excess. I have it only in the morning and evening. I've been a tea lover since childhood. Chai brings happiness because it brings us together and helps us connect with ourselves. It’s very refreshing and rejuvenating. My favorite blend of tea is masala chai, which includes elaichi and ginger. I've also tried mint tea, and it’s very refreshing. Drinking tea can feel like an addiction because habitual drinkers need a cup every day to feel energized, or else something feels missing. However, it’s more of a routine that you’ve been following for a long time. If I skip my tea, I feel less energetic, and I even get a headache.

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