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Madhurima Tuli's life-saving tips to beat the summer heat after suffering sunstroke on a recent trip

Madhurima Tuli is one of the most admired and compassionate actors and performing artistes that we have in the Indian entertainment industry...

Madhurima Tuli is one of the most admired and compassionate actors and performing artistes that we have in the Indian entertainment industry. One of the biggest reasons why the diva is immensely loved among the masses is because of her sweet and humble nature which makes her a fan favourite among one and all. In her entire career so far, Madhurima Tuli has time and again proven her mettle across multiple platforms and has come out victorious more often than not. As an actor, she has always chosen quality over quantity and that's exactly why, be it her TV shows, reality shows, OTT projects, or films, she has always proven her best all the time. 

What makes Madhurima extremely heartwarming and compassionate is the way she always thinks of her fans and shares the right note of advice for them. In each and every way possible, Madhurima has always been very thoughtful of her fans and that's why, whenever she could contribute any input from her end, she's done the same. Unfortunately, the diva had suffered a sunstroke on a recent trip. However, much to the delight and happiness of the fans, Madhurima was fine. However, the actress thought of sharing the inputs and imparting the knowledge with her near and dear ones and that's why, she's come out to share tips on the same for her fans. On being asked about the perfect way to beat the heat to avoid sunstroke, Madhurima Tuli said and we quote,

"Well, the heatwave is really terrible and it is actually draining everyone tremendously. I have myself suffered the same and I wouldn't want anyone to suffer it. What worked for me was drinking slightly salted water/brother and eventually applying ice packs to the neck, back and armpits once out of sunlight. It will help to eradicate the heat and reduce your body temperature by a fair margin. Apart from these, we know basic hacks like caps, sunglasses, and hats. The idea is to protect the head and the eyes as much as possible from direct sunlight. Once you have returned home from sunlight, please wait to get inside an AC room or drink very cold water. Have lime water at room temperature, slowly take a shower,, and then eventually get into an AC room if that's what you ideally want. I hope everyone keeps themselves safe and sound. That's what I hope and pray for always."

Well, it is indeed very sweet and kind on Madhurima's part to share her own ordeal and suffering while simultaneously sharing ways to beat the heat to avoid sunstroke. On the work front, Madhurima Tuli is set to be seen in various interesting projects, the official announcements of which will happen as per the ideal timelines. 

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