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Pooja Sahu on being part of Dahej Daasi: Many women will relate to the show

Actress Pooja Sahu, who plays the role of Mandira Chachi in the show Dahej Dassi, says that the storyline is sure to inspire change. The act...

Actress Pooja Sahu, who plays the role of Mandira Chachi in the show Dahej Dassi, says that the storyline is sure to inspire change. The actress says that the Do Dooni 4 Films production is very different from the show she has done before.

“The title of the show Dahej Dasi reflects the dowery system in society. Dowry is a social evil in society, that has caused unimaginable torture and crimes toward women. I am playing the role of Mandira Chachi i.e Jay's Chachi (played by Rajat Verma) who is full of masala, fun, comic release in the show. People will love seeing me on screen, she's a person who wants to take Vindhya's place (played by Sayantani Ghosh). She wants to be the owner of the palace. She is positive, negative as well as a comic character,” she says.

Talking about how diverse this show is, she says, “My character itself is unique. I have done comic roles mostly, my last show was Thapki Pyaar Ki. I did only comedy in that show. But in Dahej Daasi, I play different shades of character. There's a different emotion and feeling with every different character in the show. Her emotions change in every line with different characters. That is a very unique and different feeling for the first time.”

Ask her how she prepared for the role, and she says, “I watched Rajasthani-based shows like Diya Aur Baati Hum. I worked on my language and I took inspiration from the character Minakshi in the show. I also did a couple of workshops for the language.”

She adds, “The character is totally different from what I am. I am a very peaceful person. I think that is the beauty of being part of showbiz. You get to play different characters, diverse to what you are in real life.”

She says she loves her look in the show. “I really feel like a princess myself. Rajasthani look in itself gives a princess appeal, though I wonder how the people back then wore such heavy outfits. I love wearing and getting dressed in this whole attire,” she says.

Pooja says that the storyline of the show depicts reality accurately, and people will love this. “I feel that realistic content is the best today. I don't like watching shows that aren't realistic. You can connect with realistic content as an audience. I feel women would connect with Dahej Daasi at some point. I feel most of the audience will be able to connect with the show. There are a lot of places where dowry and other traditions are still practiced. Dahej Daasi is something that happened back then. The show is very unique, and once you watch it, you will see how the characters create drama,” she says.

Talking about working with producers Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat, she says, “It's an amazing experience. They are very down-to-earth and very experienced. I am learning a lot of things from them. We work like a family and they make us feel comfortable and as an actor whatever issues we have we can just go to them.”

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