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Celebrating woman power at Self & Beyond

Women’s Day was celebrated with a difference on March 22 . A pampering mental health experience was in store for all those who signed up for...

Women’s Day was celebrated with a difference on March 22 . A pampering mental health experience was in store for all those who signed up for "Shakti ! Thy name is woman" at Self & Beyond. Held by WICCI Mental Health Council, in collaboration with the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce Ladies Forum, the two-hour event was an award of fulfillment, to take back the art of handling loneliness, to steer your relationship safely, and not to be drowned in stress.

The evening started with the welcome address by WICCI president Chayanika Bhiwaniwala who stressed on the fact that women are the incarnation of power and strength. They are to walk shoulder to shoulder with men, being an integral part in the nation’s development. She narrated a story to emphasize that it’s our perception that can make a difference to our lives.

WICCI Vice President Indrani Ganguli spoke about how WICCI Mental Health Council is making great strides in looking beyond and more to spread awareness about mental health well being and erasing the stigma associated with it.

The group of around 40 participants were then divided into three groups to attend three 15 minute sessions one after the other.

Sarika Shah & Sakshi Harlalka’s session on ‘Relationships’ in the Hall of Harmony stressed on how important relations were to survive in this world. We need to keep in place our relations with our own selves like loving yourself, emotional quotient, reclaiming your inner child. This helps in maintaining relations with the people around but we need to set boundaries, have the ability to let go, be forgiving, full of gratitude, have empathy with acceptance and trust.

Priti Patodia & Varsha Agarwalla’s session on ‘Stress and Anxiety’ in the Hall of Wisdom has the two defining and distinguishing between stress and anxiety. Stress was a response to an external stimuli which was challenging and difficult for you to cope with. Prolonged stress leads to diabetes and heart problems. Anxiety becomes a disorder when you get anxious even in the absence of any external stimuli.

They shared tips to deal with stress which included meditation, muscle relaxation, deep breathing, balanced diet, socialising, exercising and practising gratitude.

Amita Mehta & Spriha Pareek’s session on ‘Loneliness’ in the Hall of Faith defined the term as not being in sync with the people around you and feeling alone even in a room full of people. The participants were asked to imagine themselves on a deserted island all alone and what their first reaction would be.

After a short meditation session led by Chayanika Bhiwaniwala, it was time for a flash Nukkad Natak by the MH council members which was entertaining with a pertinent message for everyone present to think about. The evening rounded off with a sumptuous hi tea by Sage.

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