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5 reasons why ‘Anupamaa’ still has a special place in our hearts

Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa” is close to completing 1200 episodes soon. The show has not just set a benchmark in the ...

Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa” is close to completing 1200 episodes soon. The show has not just set a benchmark in the Indian telly industry but has also influenced the audience’s viewing experience. Yes, the show did keep the masaledar saas-bahu tussle in bits and pieces, which of course is a treat during the chai time, but Anupamaa’s struggle to make an identity for herself definitely motivated many Indian women to find their passion and work on it. 

“Anupamaa” went on air during the troubled Covid times in 2020 and will very soon complete four years of its air time. And while the show has taken the audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride, it still manages to have that special place in the viewer’s hearts. Well, here are five reasons why “Anupamaa” still manages to do so.

1. Anupamaa, the character herself: Anupamaa as a character became the audience’s favourite in no time. Every Indian women saw Anupamaa as a reflection of herself, someone whom they were afraid to confront. But watching her struggle on-screen did give them the strength to find their own path and achieve their goals. 

2. Relationship values: While Anupamaa gets a lot of attention in the show, the way every relationship is portrayed is commendable. Since the beginning of the show, be it Vanraj and Anupamaa, Vanraj and Kavya, Anupamaa and Anuj, Anupamaa and Babuji, Anupamaa and Baa, or Anupamaa and Yashdeep, Anuj, and Shruti, every relationship goes through its own ups and downs, like the real life. 

3. Something to connect to: While the show has taken leaps and a lot of new characters have joined, the way the audience connected to the show since the first episode has continued to date. Each and every character, the emotions they portray, the hard-hitting dialogues, and even the situations shown have made such a beautiful connection with the viewers that they can never get enough of the show. 

4. The main star cast: From Rupali Ganguly to Sudhanshu Pandey, Gaurav Khanna, Madalsa Sharma, these actors have played their characters with excellence. Even the new additions like Sukirti Kandpal, Vaquar Shaikh, have managed to strike the right chord with the audience. The show also features Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Nishi Saxena, Aurra Bhatnagar, and Chandhini Bhagwanani, to name a few. 

5. What’s not to talk about: “Anupamaa” has battled with extra-marital affairs, eve-teasing, second marriage, double divorce, struggles of a working woman, and not just a housewife, taboos of society making them a talking point in every home. After all, everything is wrong when you want to keep it only under the sheets. In the show, the makers have emphasized on such issues along with others to make the viewers realize that communicating and the love and support of one’s family can help sort a lot of things. 

The show airs on Star Plus everyday at 10 pm and streams on Disney + Hotstar.

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