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Tarot card reader Dr Neelam Kajal Rohira predicts what 2024 holds for these celebs

Mindfulness Therapist & Transformational Coach, and Tarot card reader Dr Neelam Kajam Rohira says that there is a lot that is planned fo...

Mindfulness Therapist & Transformational Coach, and Tarot card reader Dr Neelam Kajam Rohira says that there is a lot that is planned for these actors in 2024!

For Arjun Bijlani

The tarot cards suggest that a period of stability and growth is foreseen in financial matters. He needs to focus on managing resources wisely and consider long-term investments.  He needs to stay grounded in his financial decisions, and he may see positive returns. He also has to exercise careful financial planning and must consider seeking advice on investments and focus on building a secure financial foundation for the future.  His career path is poised for significant development. He is guided to embrace a proactive and creative approach to his work. He needs to seek opportunities to showcase his skills and take on new challenges. His efforts have the potential to lead to substantial achievements. The cards guide in taking bold steps in his career. He should not shy away from challenges; instead, embrace them as opportunities for growth. His innovative and creative approach will set him apart. The cards caution that he should be mindful of overcommitting or taking on too much at once. Balancing ambition with realistic expectations is essential to avoid potential burnout. In 2024, relationships will be highlighted and will indicate a need for authentic connections. He must listen to his heart and make choices that align with his values. Open communication is crucial in fostering deeper connections with those he holds dear. He has to prioritise authenticity in his relationships, be true to himself and encourage openness with those around him. Nurturing genuine connections will bring fulfillment and joy. The cards also give a warning - Potential miscommunications or misunderstandings may arise. It's crucial to practice open and honest communication to prevent conflicts and nurture healthy relationships. 2024 brings in good health matters marked by a fresh start. He needs to focus on holistic well-being, incorporating both physical and mental aspects. Consider adopting new practices that promote balance and vitality. His commitment to well-being will contribute to a positive and energised year. Make well-being a priority. Explore new avenues for physical and mental health, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Small, consistent efforts will contribute to your overall vitality and resilience.

Shivin Narang

The tarot cards send a message; focus on practical and strategic financial decisions. Consider long-term investments and savings to build a secure foundation. Focus on building a solid financial foundation. Evaluate your financial goals and make practical decisions to ensure long-term stability. The Ten of Swords suggests financial challenges and unexpected setbacks after November. There may be a period of financial instability, requiring careful budgeting and prudent decision-making. It's crucial to avoid impulsive investments or major financial commitments. Embrace new opportunities and challenges. His hard work and dedication are likely to lead to significant progress in your professional life. He must embrace challenges in his career. He mustn’t shy away from new opportunities; instead, view them as stepping stones to his success. His ability to tackle challenges will set him apart. The Tower card indicates a sudden and disruptive change in the career sphere. Do not worry, be patient and new avenues will open up. Relationships play a crucial role, emphasizing the need for open communication and connection. He must nurture authentic relationships and make decisions based on his heart. This is a time for fostering deep and meaningful connections. It is important to prioritize authentic connections in his relationships. Open and honest communication will strengthen his bonds with others. He needs to surround himself with those who support and uplift him. The Five of Cups suggests emotional disappointments in relationships. There may be a sense of loss or betrayal, leading to emotional upheaval. It is important to be careful in April. Play your card close to your chest. Health matters are marked by a need for balance and well-being. Pay attention to both physical and mental health. The Nine of Swords warns of stress and anxiety taking a toll on health. Shivin must prioritise self-care, seek support when needed, and adopt healthy lifestyle choices to mitigate the impact of stress on physical and mental well-being.  He should be more visible rather than being low-profile and need to be more outgoing. 

Rinku Ghosh

2024 spread indicates an energy of financial stability and growth. She needs to focus on managing resources wisely and consider exploring new avenues for financial opportunities. A balanced and practical approach will lead to increased financial security. Focus on creating a solid financial plan.  Her career path is highlighted, indicating a period of potential achievements and growth. Embrace new challenges and opportunities with a positive and proactive mind-set. Her dedication and hard work will likely lead to professional success. She must embrace challenges in her career and not be afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone, as this can lead to personal and professional growth. Her adaptability and willingness to take on challenges will serve her well. Effective communication, empathy, and a willingness to address issues openly will be important in maintaining healthy connections. She should focus on the positives

Sheezan Khan

His adaptability and willingness to take on challenges will serve him well. Work-related conflicts or misunderstandings with colleagues could arise, affecting the overall work environment. The cards hint at unexpected opportunities presenting themselves in the latter half of 2024. Sheezan should stay open-minded and seize chances for personal and professional growth that may arise amidst the challenges. Being adaptable and embracing change could lead to positive outcomes. The cards do indicate Relationships play a significant role, emphasizing the importance of communication and connection. Nurture authentic relationships and be open to forming new connections. This is a time for building meaningful and supportive bonds. He must prioritise authentic connections in your work relationships. Open and honest communication is key to building strong and meaningful bonds. Surround yourself with those who genuinely support and understand you. The cards suggest a year of significant spiritual growth and self-discovery for Sheezan. Challenges may prompt deep introspection, leading to a better understanding of personal values and beliefs. Engaging in practices that promote spiritual well-being can bring a sense of balance and clarity. The cards warn of potential health issues due to stress and emotional strain. Sheezan should prioritize self-care, including regular exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest. Seeking support from healthcare professionals and incorporating stress-reduction techniques will be crucial for maintaining overall well-being.

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