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Celebs release LMG student’s book of poems ‘Everything We Never Said’

Eminent singer Miss Jojo, actor Rahul Arunodoy Banerjee, renowned art director and producer Nitish Roy, and management consultant Mriganka B...

Eminent singer Miss Jojo, actor Rahul Arunodoy Banerjee, renowned art director and producer Nitish Roy, and management consultant Mriganka Banerjee were present at the Press Club on Saturday for the launch of a book of poems. “Everything We Never Said” has been written by Varalikka Manaksia, a 16-year-old student of La Martiniere for Girls.

Varalikka got the inspiration to write this book from some of her friends and family members, who have gone through many ups and downs in life and finally triumphed. Through this book, she wanted to tell everyone that ups and downs are just part of the journey of life - never give up. She hopes that her poems will show everyone the light of encouragement while walking on the path of life.

On Saturdays when no one was home, curling up under a blanket to read a book or watch her favorite show on TV while sipping hot coffee and pizza, Varalikka would create most of the poems in this book during those lonely moments when she was alone. Writing is one of her loves. At one point she battled constantly with her mental health and she was able to win this battle by penning down her feelings. Expressing her thoughts through writing, she hopes her writing will make a difference in someone else's life as it has in hers.

While writing this book in 2022, Varalikka felt that this writing not only gives her peace of mind but also joy to those who read her writings. The poems are not only a picture of a time for her, but much more than that. These are her experiences and expressions. She thinks that her inner soul is actually the words of these poems. These poems are born from her thoughts, love, and vision towards life. The poems accompany the journey of her mind.

For Varalikka, her most moving poem is "The Declaration of Hate". “I wrote this for the first time in December 2022 when I was in a very bad state of mind. I wrote it for my mother. In fact, I wanted to convey to my mother all those things which made me who I am today. I hoped that if she comes to know them, she would understand me better. I remember how she cried when I read this poem to her. Some may mistake this poem as a poem of hatred, but it is a poem of anguish, pain, and love that a daughter cries out for.”

Another poem very close to the author's heart is, "To the Day of Light That Awake Me..." “The inspiration for this poem is my old house. I spent all my childhood there and now left it. This poem is about the memories of the last days I spent there and all those moments that filled my childhood. A house may be of just four walls but to me, that was my home. I will consider that place my only home forever,” she said.

Each poem in this book is a witness to her becoming a human being and holds a special place in her heart. They will be with her for the rest of her life.

At age 10, Varalikka once went to a camp and wrote a book of 120 pages on her experience. Her dream was to publish that in the form of a book and be known as a writer. Today that dream has come true.

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