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Workshop on Hindi reading organized at Calcutta Girls College

After the implementation of the National Education Policy, a lot of changes have been made in the curriculum.    A one-day workshop was orga...

After the implementation of the National Education Policy, a lot of changes have been made in the curriculum.  A one-day workshop was organized on July 13 by the Hindi department of Calcutta Girls College and I.Q.A.C. under the joint aegis of Hindi department of Calcutta University's Board of Graduate Studies. The topic was Hindi teaching and curriculum in the new education policy.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Debashish Biswas, Inspector of Colleges, University of Calcutta, Dr. Satya Upadhyay, Principal, Calcutta Girls College, Dr. Chairman, Board of Graduate Studies, Department of Hindi, University of Calcutta. Rajshree Shukla, Maitreyi Bhattacharya, member of the governing body of the Calcutta Girls' College.

Dr. Satya Upadhyay said that the new session is going to start in accordance with the new education policy. As the UG Board sets the syllabus under the Curriculum Credit Framework, under this it is the first workshop that has been organized. About 70 professors and Hindi teachers from 32 colleges like Shikshayatan College, Scottish Church College, Khidirpur College, Khudiram Bose Central College, Vidyasagar College, Gokhal Memorial College, Jaipuria College, Lal Baba College, Rani Birla Girls College, etc. participated.

The curriculum is being prepared considering the democratic method and everyone brought their suggestions and actively participated. Our curriculum affects the culture, literature of the country, so it is a big responsibility. Curriculum plays an important role in the progress of the country and society.

Dr. Debashish Biswas, Inspector of Colleges, University of Calcutta explained in detail about the structure of the course. The Hindi department of the University of Calcutta, President of the Board of Graduate Studies, Dr. Rajshree Shukla appreciated Calcutta Girls College for organizing the workshop. He said that keeping in mind the basic spirit of the National Education Policy and the policies of Calcutta University, we have to move ahead. For this, a workshop has been organized to take the opinion of Hindi professors and written suggestions are being sought from them.

The inaugural session of the programme was conducted by Dr. Dhananjay Saw of Hindi Department of Calcutta Girls College and Dr. Navaruna Bhattacharya conducted the technical session. In the new education policy, his important views on Hindi teaching and curriculum were expressed. How many papers have to be read in which semester? All subjects like core and multidisciplinary, CVAC etc. were considered. In the new education policy, different degrees can be taken for one, two, three and four years. Subjects can also change in between. In the first year, 100 level means easy paper, 200 level some difficult paper and 300 level little difficult paper will be given. Credit etc. will be considered. Many teachers gave their valuable suggestions. 

At present, the teaching-learning courses for two sessions have been prepared. A three-year course will be made. Attention was drawn to the constraints that would arise regarding external structures and examination methods and subjects. Calcutta University Hindi Department Dr. Rajshree Shukla, Head of St. Paul's College Dr. Kamlesh Pandey also spoke on the occasion. Various aspects of Hindi were discussed in the Hindi workshop. In the workshop, questions and suggestions have come from all the teachers on paper preparation, which will be given in writing to the Hindi department's Undergraduate Studies Board. 

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