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Kundali Bhagya actor Mrinal Navell: For an actor, perfection is a myth

It’s important to keep working on yourself as an actor, says Kundali Bhagya actress Mrinal Navell. She adds that acting is a learning proces...

It’s important to keep working on yourself as an actor, says Kundali Bhagya actress Mrinal Navell. She adds that acting is a learning process.

“I guess for an actor perfection is a myth. There's nothing called perfection in acting. An actor grows with experience. We see different personalities at different ages and their performances vary. So even if you become a star, you have to struggle, you have to keep learning. Struggle is going to be part of your journey forever.  I guess we think it's tougher for us just because we are in front of the camera and media. But it's difficult to be part of any industry. You have to work hard. There is going to be competition for everything. There's competition for seats. They have to clear exams for law, and they have to clear PMT for doctors. Competition is everywhere. You just have to work hard, you have to be your best. And the good thing about our industry right now is that we have a lot of platforms, there is a struggle, there's competition, but then there are a lot of opportunities right now for all kinds of people,” she says.

Stability is what everyone wants in their career and that isn't easy to get, says the actress, adding, “Stability is something that you will not really find if you're an actor. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs. There will be a lot of work at one point, and then no work at all. People will just keep clapping and praising you one moment and the other moment, they just forget about you. These things have happened to film stars like Rajesh Khanna also. So I think you should become an actor for yourself, to give a flow to your creative juices and earn money. We get trapped when we become an actor for people, public image, etc. We feel confused and scared a lot of the time that we will lose it someday. So, you won’t have stability. Stability will come when you work as an actor. But then when you're not an actor, you're just a normal person, then only you can be a stable human being. You have to be an actor on set and then at home, you have to be normal. And then there are going to be days and there's no work then you just go on vacation then you just relax at home. happens in every career. You need a vacation every time. There is going to be a phase with no work. You have to make friends with yourself. You have to look out for yourself. Nobody's doing that for you. So stability is obviously not an easy thing. You just have to keep yourself busy all the time, even if you're not working. That is the only solution to having a stable mind here. Otherwise, no one can guarantee career stability.”

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