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Celebs on a YouTuber proposing to her boyfriend at Kedarnath

Recently a YouTuber made news that she proposed to her boyfriend on the premises of Kedarnath temple going down on one knee and giving a rin...

Recently a YouTuber made news that she proposed to her boyfriend on the premises of Kedarnath temple going down on one knee and giving a ring, the couple was dressed in traditional attire. The video went viral and made the news which left the internet divided. Soon the video was noticed by the Kedarnath police and there has been a ban on using phones in Kedarnath since then and a complaint has been lodged against the couple. Here is what the

Pawan Chopra

I feel society has run out of course for what it was formed in ancient times. For me, their views are irrelevant. There is zero tolerance where there is no scope for loveand  or friendship. Its false dogmatic society is full of false values and projecting itself as holier than thou. For me, it's such a beautiful moment, in front of the beautiful Kedarnath temple and it makes me feel all about love, which is missing so much from our life. Any objection to it is by someone with a very rigid and closed mindset and nothing can be more laughable than banning the phones for this incident. Why do we pray, why do we go to temples, it's love for God and we come back feeling God has showered us with blessings and love, and to celebrate that very love, if two people are proposing there in all the dignity and respect of the place, where is the harm? Let no one become the decision maker of what is moral, what is not, and let no one consider temples to be their private property. Moral policing needs to be stopped immediately. Love is the most hated word these days.

Sheeba Akashdeep

I am not sure what’s objectionable in this. It is very sweet and it is a blend of tradition and progressive. They are appropriately dressed and wish to solemnize their special occasion in front of the Almighty. What’s wrong with it exactly? Have people nothing better to do than to troll.

Romiit Raaj

You cannot do silly things and make reels or videos just for publicity and social media in holy places. People are losing their minds, you have to respect the Holy places and also other bhakts who are going to temples for praying. It's so silly and wrong to see people going on their knees just for likes on Instagram.

Esha Gaur

The girl chose the right place to propose to him, but if the government also allows these things, then it becomes a nuisance. Every random person will reach there and do such things. So the government is doing its work. She did what she felt like, so everyone is right in their place. The government cannot support this thing and say, "Yes, you come and propose to each other here." The least they can do is take action because they're thinking and doing bigger things rather than focusing only on this. So they think it's better to stop it. I'm not saying the girl did a wrong thing at all, but these things can also be done in some other places. Even if you have to propose, there are a lot of places. Proposing is not wrong.

Puneet Dixit

There is nothing wrong with this. The world exists because of love and in India Love has been made taboo. While people give the example of the love of Shiv Parvati, Radha Krishna but on the other side it becomes a taboo, this is wrong. Of course, the government is overreacting saying, "Such things at holy places?" "Love like this?". You get married in a temple but cannot propose? What nonsense.

Raghav Kansal 

Well, I see no wrong in someone proposing in front of a God as we take our marriage oaths keeping God in our heads but if it’s for social media gain then I am completely against it as we, Indians are very sensitive about our Gods and wouldn’t want to include them in publicity.

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