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Father’s Day: Celebs on what their fathers mean to them

Our world would have been nothing without our father and father figures. They are our caregivers and nurturers, who equally support our moth...

Our world would have been nothing without our father and father figures. They are our caregivers and nurturers, who equally support our mothers to take care of their children. Father's Day on June 18 celebrates and recognises fatherhood and the contribution of fathers in our society. Celebs share about the equation and the advice they have received from their fathers.

Romiit Raaj

Raviraj Prasher, my father, is a wonderful man who always supported me in whatever I did, including athletics. He was always helpful to everyone, extremely honest, full of life, and had an amazing sense of humour. I believe we picked up these traits by just watching him. I'll never forget the advice my father gave me: "Keep working and always give your best; you never know who is watching you; bigger opportunities are just a call away." The second piece of advice he gave was "always take care of family and keep everyone together." 

Charrul Malik
G.S. Malik is the name of my father. Our equation is really amazing. He never puts anyone under stress or takes in stress from anyone. He is really caring and easygoing. He is well-read and understands when to give children space. He is now a US resident. He frequently advises avoiding taking stress and having trust and self-confidence. Do what you do best without considering others. These actions show his coolness and his understanding of our need for carefree living.

Lokit Phulwani
My father's name is Shankar Phulwani and I consider myself completely blessed to have him in my life. He has not only been a great friend but also has been a mentor and a guiding light to me throughout. What I am today as a person is because of his experienced and valuable advice right from my childhood days. A few pieces of his advice that have helped me tremendously are - he said that always earn people, not money, what’s important is to have genuine people around you rather than all the money with loneliness and unhappiness. Another important advice that stayed with me was, to achieve something you have to be calm and patient and not take hasty decisions both personally or professionally.

Muskan Verma
I share a loving relationship, filled with laughter and mutual respect, with my father Surendra Verma. Over the years, he has given me countless pieces of advice that have shaped me into what I have become today. He always told me that ‘hard work will eventually pay off’ and stressed the importance of putting in the effort to achieve my goals. He taught me that success does not come overnight but is the result of consistent hard work and perseverance. Today, I apply this advice to everything I do, be it my career, relationships, or personal life. Self-love is more important, is the second thing he taught me. In a world where we are often encouraged to put others first, my father always reminded me of the importance of self-love. He taught me that taking care of myself, both physically and emotionally, is crucial for my well-being and happiness. This advice has helped me prioritize my mental health and take time for myself, which has benefited my overall growth and success. These pieces of advice have been instrumental in shaping my values and guiding me towards becoming a better person every day. I'm grateful to have a father who has always been there for me, supporting and guiding me through life's challenges.
Aadesh Chaudhary
I shared a good equation with my father, Chaudhary Ranveer Singh. He is always there for me and is the person I share everything with. He always tells me not to welcome any trouble and that hard work is the key. The other thing he says is to follow the right path and believe in karma.

Chitra Vakil Sharma
I lost my father, Late Dr. B N Vakil, to Covid. He is the only man I have loved the most and will love the most in my life. He is my 1st love. Dad has taught me a lot of things, but the one thing he said that I always follow is not to be scared of failures, and to keep attempting till I succeed. This is applicable to every phase of my life, both professional and personal. Secondly, dad would always say don't be scared of the opinion of others, learn to say no and be a good listener.

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