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Celebs and their affair with the Blue Tick

The blue tick on your Twitter and Instagram profiles might be minute in size, but its importance is well known to those who are frequent on ...

The blue tick on your Twitter and Instagram profiles might be minute in size, but its importance is well known to those who are frequent on social media platforms on a daily basis. Celebrities share the importance of the blue tick in their lives.

Nikhil Nanda

Bluetick, over the years, has become a symbol of distinguishing the boys from the men. It carries a lot of weight, not only for the one who's got it but even for the one who sees it. When people see you with a blue tick, it makes them feel reassured and it makes them feel that this person is serious and real. In this web world, it’s difficult to differentiate between profiles, and if somebody says it doesn’t matter to them they are lying. At the end of the day, it all boils down to money, and a blue tick fetches you that.

Namita Lal
The good thing about the blue tick is that it identifies genuine accounts from non-genuine accounts. And that itself is a huge plus for somebody like me, I have a blue tick on Instagram. And when I write to other people, they know that it's a genuine account. And when I see a blue tick account, I also know that it's been verified. So, it's a very straightforward usage of something very, very good introduced by social media platforms. To associate it with being known or selling a blue tick is how it starts becoming something that is bad, obsessive, or addictive.

Ankit Siwach
One very important aspect for any person who's working in any field, art, sports, or any field, the person needs validation, that's one most important aspect. I think this Bluetick on social media is one form of validation that this person has achieved something in his or her field, or, you know, has some importance in society, be it politics, arts, sports, or even an influencer on social media. So Bluetick is important. But if it's not there, I don't think it shouldn't matter that much either. When it wasn't there, things were still the same. But people who take social media too seriously in their lives or for those who earn money through social media, for them it can have a huge impact. I think if we balance it out, real life and social media life, this Bluetick won't make a major difference.

Aadesh Chaudhary
I was never in favour of these social media platforms. People used to ask me why am I not active on Instagram and even on Twitter. I never had a Twitter account. One of my fans made an account which I am totally not aware of. I am only on Instagram with a verified page so that people don't get confused with fake accounts. But I will definitely never pay for a bluetick.

Hansa Singh
When your identity is at stake with so many imposters around, the blue tick to authenticate you becomes legit and important. Sadly in our industry, the weightage given to blue tick and number of followers has become worse for TRP. Acting and talent have taken a back seat. You are selected on these 2 criteria. So, of course, to have it’s important and to get it is s business. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Personally, if you ask me. I do not give any weightage to the blue tick. But bring part of the industry and its demons of course too. Now Twitter is in the news as Elon Musk has removed it for all old Twitter blue tick people. The outrage can be seen. So To pay for an authentic id to each his own. But crying out doesn't make sense. When you got it free it was perfect but to pay for it you loathed it. Well, business is business. It’s demand and supply. Sadly, let’s watch the game.

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