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A stellar performance by APTI PLUS in UPSC IAS 2022

After reporting stellar performance in WBCS 2020 exams, the students of  APTI PLUS  continued their winning spree when UPSC IAS 2022 results...

After reporting stellar performance in WBCS 2020 exams, the students of 

APTI PLUS continued their winning spree when UPSC IAS 2022 results were announced. APTI PLUS also has had the honours to produce top ranks in WBCS 2020 such as Monojit  Chowdhury Rank 2. The success of APTI PLUS in these exams has reiterated its commitment to nurturing ethical and responsible future civil servants for the country.  With the final results of UPSC IAS 2022 being declared, students are now geared up for IAS 2023 Prelims scheduled to be held on 28th May 2023.

Susijit Sahoo, Managing Director of APTI PLUS, congratulated the aspirants who have cleared the IAS 2022 exam.  “4  of our students have secured ranks in Top-10. Garima Lohia has secured AIR 2, Similarly, Smriti Mishra has secured AIR 4, Aniruddh Yadav has secured AIR 8, and Kanika Goyal has secured AIR 9. In the results seen so far, 16  students of APTI PLUS have secured AIR ranks in the Top 100. Further, 150+ students of APTI PLUS have made it to the finalist,” said Sahoo.

When asked about his message to IAS aspirants, Sahoo said, “The UPSC IAS exam is just one step in your career journey. If you pass, congratulations! If you don't pass, use this experience to identify your weaknesses and work on improving your skills and knowledge.” “A few hundred seats are available to lakhs of aspirants that apply; hence, there are bound to be aspirants who do not make the cut at each stage. IAS exam is more than just an exam. It is a journey that requires tremendous self-belief, patience, the urge to learn from failures and mistakes, perseverance etc. And certainly is not the end of the road in itself”, he added.

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