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Fandom: Celebs share special, heart-touching fan experiences

Every celebrity in showbiz thrives on fans' love and support. It encourages them to work harder, explore new avenues, and also gives the...

Every celebrity in showbiz thrives on fans' love and support. It encourages them to work harder, explore new avenues, and also gives them confidence. While celebs hope to live up to their expectations every single time, they also talk about fan experiences. More so in times like these where autographs have been replaced by selfies. They also open up about handling the adulation:

Aditi Shetty

Just a couple of days back, I was visiting a friend. I went into the kitchen to get something and her cook recognised me and said how her entire family loves me and the show. She was so thrilled and animated that she even got pictures clicked with me. It was such a sweet experience. Another time when I was shooting in film city, I just completed my scene and was walking back to my vanity, when I heard a bus full of people on a Bollywood tour calling out my character's name loudly and came running to me to click selfies. It was such an emotional feeling. Selfies have become a trend now but autographs never go out of style. I am always welcoming to all my fans who want to click a selfie with me. In fact, I get so excited when they meet me in malls, on the streets, markets, and temples etc, it always boosts my energy. I make sure I have a quick chat with them and love them back. I love my audience and any chance to interact with them is a great experience for me as an artist.

Robin Sohi

My best fan moment is when any fan mimics you. It is a very special feeling. It happened to me for the first time and I was touched. If we have fans, that means there are people who appreciate us and our talent. If the skills are appreciated by people, we get encouraged. To have fans is really a good thing, it gives us a great experience and also motivates us to do better. I have had many great experiences with my fans. Selfies are in fashion and autographs have become outdated. The widespread use of cell phones can be counted as one of the many reasons. We are sure to carry cell phones with us wherever we go. The same cannot be true about a pen and a piece of paper.

Megha Chakraborty

I remember that I was shooting for Krishan Chali London in London and there one fan came and touched my feet. It was very weird as he was somewhat just a little older than me. It was cute and interesting and still, he messages me on Instagram and comments on my post. I have just given autographs a few times but now everyone takes a selfie. I never let down anyone, no matter whether I am on set or just roaming around or whatever my mood is, I still click a selfie with them, because we work for our fans and they love us for that. Yes sometimes you are not in the mood and don't want someone to interfere in your personal space, but it is okay because they love us and I respect that.

Rahul Bhatia

Fans' love is always appreciated and when they send DMs, it feels great. There are so many followers of ours on Instagram and YouTube and out of them some girls send us rakhis and presents on birthdays too. When some fans meet us, they click selfies. It feels great because the people are entertained because of us and they remember us for that.

Aadesh Chaudhary

One of the interesting fans experience I had was when I was travelling to Indonesia for Lagi Tujhse Lagan and there I met many fans. One particular incident that happened was when I was returning to my hotel from the shoot, outside the hotel some fans were waiting, were wearing hair bands and in it, my picture was there. I was quite happy seeing them. It was crazy but it was a cute gesture.


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