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Celebs share their April Fool’s Day memories!

From blank calls to fake tears, these celebrities share their funny April Fool’s Day dreams.   Aditi Shetty I am a goofy person by natur...

From blank calls to fake tears, these celebrities share their funny April Fool’s Day dreams.

 Aditi Shetty

I am a goofy person by nature. I like cracking jokes and keeping the mood light. Even on a regular day, I play many pranks on my friends, family, and co-actors. So, I don’t really need a specific day for it. During school, we used to play a lot of pranks on April Fool’s Day. Many pranks used to be successful as well. The most recent incident which I can remember is when I got scammed while shopping online and paid 2k only to realize it was a fake website. I was with my friends and we decided to prank call the same people for fun. I called them and he answered I started crying dramatically and put up an act of how he shouldn’t have scammed me as that money was my husband’s money and he would not be happy with what happened. The man believed my crying and felt guilty. He confessed that he scams people for a living and sent all my money back right away! I couldn’t believe it, I actually scammed the scammer. All my friends had a good laugh and I got my Oscar for my acting skills! haha.

Monika Singh

I completely agree with the fact that people these days have stopped playing pranks on April Fool's Day. It seems like everyone is too busy with their lives to even think about it. However, I remember one incident from the past when I successfully fooled one of my friends. It was during my early days in the modelling industry, and I was still learning the ropes. One of my friends, Rajkumar, who was also new to the industry, was always teasing me and making fun of me! So, on April Fool's Day, I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. I sent him a fake email from a top fashion brand, congratulating him on being selected for their upcoming campaign. The email looked so real that he believed it at first, and he was over the moon with excitement. But when he shared the news with the rest of our friend group, I couldn't help but burst out laughing and tell him the truth. Although it was just a harmless prank, it taught him a valuable lesson about not believing everything he sees or hears. And it was definitely a moment of triumph for me, as I successfully fooled someone for the first time.

Sneha Jain

I remember when I was a kid, we had a telephone and my father used to stay abroad and he didn't call often. So, my elder sister got to know a few digits that could ring our own phone and we planned it. We decided to do it in the afternoon when my mother was working in the kitchen. My sister did the trick, the phone rang and she told my mother it was our father on call. My mother rushed leaving all her work and she picked up and said, ‘Hello,’ and we all surrounded her screaming, 'April fool banaya tumko gussa aaya'. It was a great memory and over the years people don't do such pranks and don't celebrate such things. I feel very lucky enough to make one memory I will always cherish.

Subuhii Joshii

I was a big fan of April Fool's Day, I used to prank everyone in my family and friends. I remember once my friend pranked me saying that he met with an accident and I rushed to the hospital. I then realized it was April Fool's Day but that prank was not cool at all. I have been pranked a lot and I pranked people a lot but these days people don't do such things.

Charrul Malik

Nowadays people don't remember April Fool’s Day as nobody does any pranks anymore. I remember when I was working as a TV journalist, I used to produce and anchor a show for one and a half hours. I used to never have a prompter and I used to learn my script. One day I had to get into the character of a village woman with the proper accent which was quite difficult. When I sent the video, the technical team told me there are some glitches in the audio and I was shocked as I was told to do all the links again. Then sometimes they called me that we were trying to fool you! I was so angry but I was relieved as well. We all then burst into laughter.

Robin Sohi

Living in a metropolitan city, each person is busy with their own life. People don’t have the time to celebrate April Fool’s Day like it was in earlier times. April Fools’ Day is one of those days when one can pull a prank in the hope to be exempted from any consequences whatsoever. An incident that I remember when I was pranked by a friend of mine was during my college days when DDLJ had been released. I had a crush on a girl and one of my friends came to me and said that he had booked the entire theatre for me and her. I was on cloud nine when I got to know this. I wore the best clothes that were in my wardrobe. As soon as I reached there, I saw a houseful board. That's when I realized that it was a prank.

Megha Chakraborty

I have a lot of April Fool's Day memories, I remember during my childhood I lived in a joint family and we had a landline and there was a code and if we dialed that and kept the receiver, it would ring as a blank call. So, I used to dial the digits and then call any family member and they used to rush to the phone, leaving all the work. I used to get scolded but then it was a lot of fun. On set we also play a lot of pranks, we have a rule on set that whoever's phone rings during a shoot he or she has to treat everyone with ice cream. I pranked the associate director on set one day by putting his phone on normal mode and I called on his number during a scene and his phone rang. He had to treat everyone to ice cream.

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