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International Women’s Day: Celebs say a woman must be celebrated every day

March 8 celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance. The day recognises and celebrates the contribution of the ...

March 8 celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance. The day recognises and celebrates the contribution of the female force in our lives and society. The female force of the industry speaks on the significance of the occasion, and what the day means to them.

Aadesh Chaudhary
Well my mother is the most important woman in my life and woman day should be celebrated every day. I look up to my mother as I have seen her fulfilling every role in my house. A mother sacrifices her happiness and comfort for their kids and for everyone. For me, my mother is my life

Esha Gaur
Women’s day is a collective day for global celebration. It is celebrated for women’s rights and achievements of women’s rights. As such I don’t celebrate women’s day so there are no special plans for this year. For me, womanhood is the power given by god to produce children and that power has not been given to anyone else. God himself thinks that women have that power and she can handle everything. Womanhood should be celebrated every day as she is the master of everything. She can handle multiple things at the same time

Adaa Khan
Strong women support one another. We should spend a moment expressing gratitude to the women around us. It's a day to let everyone know that every girl and woman has the right to be equal everywhere. Change starts with you. We have the ability. Be your own superhero while fighting for everyone. On women's day, my dad and brother have planned to take me out for a nice dinner.

Subuhii Joshii 
It’s about celebrating women and gender equality. I make sure that I wish every woman in my life on this day. When I was younger we used to celebrate where I used to take my mother out but now since I am working I don’t get much time and my mom also doesn’t live in the year. But if given a chance I would definitely celebrate it. This year I have no plans as I will be working the entire day. The most important thing is to respect your own self. If you don’t respect yourself then nobody will respect you. To celebrate womanhood you should celebrate your own rights. If you believe in celebrating womanhood then you will believe in fixing each other. You shouldn’t be jealous of other women and lift each other up. I have some really good friends who make me feel very important as a woman. It all depends on how they treat you. There’s no harm in celebrating women's day and it’s true that people don’t remember men’s day, which is not fair. We should be a little more sensitive towards men too. Whether it’s women's day or men’s day we should respect both genders.

Priya Paramita Paul 
For me, days like women’s day and men’s day have no significance because they try to make these genders special. But then the other days we go back to our old mindset so the solution to have all men and women respected and valued is when we practice it every day. To all the women who always try to show that we are women, we would be empowered, I want to request all of them to honour yourselves first. Not by becoming the victim but by working by yourself, on yourself, and for yourself. When a man tries to help a woman, never let your elder think that you’re weak. A queen deserves to be treated the best way.

Hitanshu Jinsi 
In my life a woman's hand is everything… It is very important that we recognize their efforts. My mom is the most important thing in my life… I have a very emotional bond with her. Every day she loves you… Even if it's not a women's day, do give them the love they deserve. My mother has gone through a really hard and tough time. I can't repay their debt but I can give love.

Ishika Tolani
For me being a woman itself is such a blessing. Having a good, safe life in this world has become very difficult for women but I am glad that god has made all of us strong enough to handle all the cruelty women have to go through. I believe we have had a lot and now it’s our time to rule the world we have already started ruling it. A woman who has the strength to give birth to another human is herself a goddess, hats off to all women.

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