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FILM REVIEW: Underworld ka Kabzaa

Danger to your senses and eardrums                 Cast: ‘Indian Real Star’ Upendra, ‘Baadshah’ Kichha Sudeepa, Shriya Saran, Murli Sharma...

Danger to your senses and eardrums                

Cast: ‘Indian Real Star’ Upendra, ‘Baadshah’ Kichha Sudeepa, Shriya Saran, Murli Sharma

Rating: 1.5*

If you are tempted to see Kabzaa (Kannada dubbed in Hindi) after watching the impressive trailer, our advice is to steer clear of this sheer torture under any circumstances. Not only is Kabzaa absolutely senseless, it is also dangerous for your eardrums. This R. Chandru film is a bad imitation of Prashant Neel’s blockbuster KGF franchise. A huge ensemble of villains keeps popping in and out who are then popped out by our hero Upendra. So limited is the screen time of the bad guys (barring Murli Sharma who makes his Kannada debut) that you cannot fathom what is going on. Our ‘Indian Real Star’ Upendra keeps on beheading one villain after the other with a mono expression on his face.

The film starts with the arrival of Police Commissioner Bhargava Bakshi (Kichcha Sudeepa in an extended cameo) who narrates the story of one of the most notorious underworld dons. Cut to 1945 during the British rule where the father of Sankeshwara (Suneel Puranik) and Arakeshwara aka Arka (Upendra) is killed by the British fighting for independence. The children along with their mother move to Amarapura. Sankeshwara sacrifices his studies and sends his brother to become an Indian air force pilot. When Sankeshwara is beheaded by a notorious underworld don Khaleed (Danish Akhtar), Arka seeks revenge and goes on to become one of the most notorious underworld dons in Amarapura. In the meantime, Arka marries his childhood sweetheart Madhumati Bahadur (Shriya Saran), a princess, against the wishes of her father Veer Bahadur (Murli Sharma) who starts plotting Arka’s death. The Indian Government dispatches police commissioner Bakshi to kill Arka at any cost. But there is a twist!

The villains in the film are pure caricatures. Imagine Nawab Shah (as Bagheera) sporting a tattoo on his face which reads ‘cruel’. There are so many of them that you may well die laughing with their screaming doing serious damage to your eardrums. Shiva Rajkumar’s cameo is the only clap-worthy portion of the film.

The film set designs and the tonality all have a KGF feel to them. Beware !! Kabzaa 2, another torture is coming our way to test our sensibilities.


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