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Dia Mirza inaugurates artist Sangeeta Babani’s ‘Quest for Knowledge’ Sculpture in Bandra

Actor-producer Dia Mirza recently inaugurated artist Sangeeta Babani’s ‘Quest for Knowledge’ sculpture in Pali Hill, Bandra. The sculpture, ...

Actor-producer Dia Mirza recently inaugurated artist Sangeeta Babani’s ‘Quest for Knowledge’ sculpture in Pali Hill, Bandra. The sculpture, conceived in association with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), showcasing a boy reading book while a dog is seen jumping up to him, promotes the idea of ‘education for all’. Present on the occasion were dignitaries of the likes of Vinayak Vispute (Assistant Commissioner - H West Ward, Mumbai), Asif Zakaria (Ex-Corporator - H West Ward, Mumbai), and entrepreneur Harsh Jagwani. 

Education is not a privilege but the need of the hour. The idea behind Babani’s latest sculpture is to promote equal educational opportunities for one and all, without any discrimination on the basis of social status, caste, creed, gender, religion et al. The artist shared, “Knowledge is infinite, it has a beginning but no end and it should not be denied to anyone. An investment in knowledge always gives the best returns. Our idea behind the sculpture is to drive home the force of knowledge and its power. Every child in the country should have easy and equal access to knowledge which in turn will only help them grow as individuals, and will help the country as a whole, grow too.”

Dia Mirza, who is known for her work as the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador & UN Secretary-General’s Advocate for SDGs said, "Public Art is a testimony to the dreams and aspirations of citizens we mistakenly refer to as 'common.' Sangeeta's work, ‘Quest for Knowledge’ beautifully reminds every passerby of the power of the written word, of education, of transformative ideas, and the dream of an inclusive, happier, kinder world that a simple act of opening a book can kindle in us. As a mother and a citizen of a country with the world's largest youth population, I cannot overemphasize the importance of education for every single child, adolescent and young adult. Without giving all children equal access to education and reducing social and cultural inequities, we cannot hope to grow as a country or achieve the fourth Sustainable Development Goal which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all."

Babani, who believes Public Art creates a sense of belonging amongst its citizens and works closely with the BMC, has undertaken to beautify the city she calls home. Not many months ago, she painted a 15-foot high mural, along the underpass in Bandra Reclamation, and garnered much appreciation for the same. The mural has the underlying message of ‘save the environment’. “I have been very passionate about bringing cleanliness and beautification to the city of Mumbai. I feel it needs Art to liven up some of the grimy walls while still creating an impact by touching upon social ideas and cultures to bring awareness to the masses. Art also brings attention to often neglected spaces and encourages people to appreciate the environment," she expressed.

For the uninitiated, Babani is known for her contemporary and figurative artworks. She has displayed her works the world over, with exhibitions in India, London, Paris, Dubai et al. While her 18 feet installation titled ‘The Lost Art’ created waves, Babani has also been awarded for her contemporary work in 2017.


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