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The triangle of love!

A lot of TV shows like Anupamaa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Udaariyaan, Kumkum Bhagya, Bade Acche Lagte Hain ...

A lot of TV shows like Anupamaa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Udaariyaan, Kumkum Bhagya, Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2, Imlie and even in forthcoming shows Ishq mein Ghayal and Joonooniyat, have love triangles as the part of their storyline. These are what grab eyeballs, say celebrities.

Aadesh Chaudhary: 

Yes, love triangles have always been a formula of daily soaps. They generally cause issues in the love story, which could obstruct the success of the love story. There is nothing wrong with all three. Audiences like that and relate to it. This has been a story of life and that way love triangles work. To make something look good, if you want to enhance the white, then you have to keep black on its side. To show the other two how nice, the third one has to become a baddie and being a baddie is not an easy task for an actor. If you want to show something good, you will have to show something bad, only then the good will be enhanced. 

Aniruddh Dave: 

The people are going to be judged, whether the relationship is between family members, whether love affairs, whether 3 boys or 3 girls are friends. "Yeh jo teen ka tadka hota hai", it always has a charm. There are dramatic turns. It has love, rivalry, competition and passion. All these things make it more entertaining, interesting and it has always been popular in Indian Television and somewhere people like it and that's why Producers make what the public wants to see and those things work on Indian television. The way there is demand in entertainment, there is a supply of that way. There's no good or bad content.  Nowadays people change channels in seconds. But characters, especially negative roles are highly challenging and very performance oriented. if you make them a bit positive, then people remember it. And the sequences, In which there is no ruckus, drama is not created, till then the definition of Indian television is not complete.  "Logon ko Raam bhi dekhna hai Ravan bhi dekhna hai aur Sita Maiya hamesha Agni Pariksha deti hai."  Everyone wants to watch dramas. So these all are quite engaging stories that people like. And Anupamaa is the biggest example. And if I talk about my show Patiala Babes, the triangle was between a daughter, a mother, and a stranger and people liked it. When two people get close, the third has insecurities and that is called drama. 

Ranndeep R Rai : 

Love triangles have always been loved by audiences be it films or tv. They make relationships and drama complex and emotional conflicts make audiences get engaged in the story. Love triangles happen in real life too in the lives of people so it is relatable. Tv soaps run on drama and emotions and it gives ample scope to create twists in the show. 

Mitaali Nag :

For any story to work, it is important to play on human emotions. Love, loss, hurt, jealousy, and anger, these are strong emotions that every human being goes through in life. Whether it is cinema, TV, or even web series, if the hero and heroine are away, the audience wants to see them together. And if the separation is because of a third person, it’s always better because then you have the villain and the vamp. People always like to watch good over evil kind of stories and if the evil is in human form, on a lighter note, the audience gets someone to abuse. But Jokes apart, love is a very powerful emotion, but jealousy tops it. Love combined with jealousy is a sure-shot hit.

Hansa Singh :

Love is the essence of our life. It’s essential. No matter how strong we are but we all need that Understanding, caring, loving partner who acknowledges us. So in life or in serials, we see the surge of triangle love angels.  Now they get TRP’ so they are there, But why are they accepted by the masses? Because they see themselves in it. Where there is pure love, it will be lapped by one and all, making the other person a baddie even if the baddie has love, but it may be not pure. Well, that’s for the screenplay and story to get more TRPs, and eyeballs. It's all about love and acknowledgment in life.  

Subuhii Joshii:

I think no one understands a simple love story. But honestly, there is no simple love story. There is always some problem in every story. And that's why people like to watch it. If you show it directly without any issue, I think no one will be interested in watching it. I think it's still very popular and safe because they know everyone is going to watch it. Though everyone knows what's going to happen in the end, the hero and heroine are going to be together, the sequence is already set for every love story but still people like it. Everyone likes drama and little drama never kills anyone. I think that's why it is popular and safe. And I think unless there is no villain in the story, how will the hero become a hero? That's why the love triangle angle remains completely safe. And that's why makers like that concept and will still continue to make it and people will still watch it and love it.

Sneha Jain:

I think it is the season of such stories right now. If you go back in history, everything has its own time frame. There was a time when the saas-bahu dramas were a hit and every other show had a similar concept, then there was this mythological phase and even the supernatural phase. So, nowadays people are enjoying love triangles probably because they find it interesting, or have experienced something similar in real life which is helping them to feel the connection. Who will she/he choose, and what will be happening next gets them excited? Love triangles are good at building that curiosity. Sometimes the girl is stuck between the two characters, where one is the best, the perfect one, husband material, and the other one is a bit modern, upfront, not so perfect partner. But what happens is that the girl is interested in both. So, if the girl happens to have some issues with one partner, the other one tries to take advantage of that situation and in that process, she also falls in love with the other person. And there's always some confusion. Among all three of them, there's always one person who knows how to make the most of the situation. In love triangles, there's always a positive character, and another is a grey character, who is very smart and knows very well how to take things in his/her favour. People like this trio's adventure, and the confusion between them is always interesting in the drama. Where there's suspense, there are a lot of questions, and people love to watch it to get their answers. That's why makers are cashing in on the concept.

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