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Avika Gor on her first Telugu production 'Popcorn'

Avika Gor donned the producer's hat when she launched her production house Avika Screen Creations in 2021 and she is all set to release ...

Avika Gor donned the producer's hat when she launched her production house Avika Screen Creations in 2021 and she is all set to release the first movie under her banner. The launch was attended by superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna. Titled “Popcorn”, the movie is all set to hit the theatres on February 10, and she revealed that it was intentionally named so.

“It was a deliberate effort to make it something that people talk about. Popcorn is something that resonates with entertainment and which is why we wanted people to believe and think that our movie is a complete entertainer. Popcorn has a lot of flavours and in the same way, our movie has a lot of emotions be it drama, romance, or humour,” she said. 

“‘Popcorn’ is a catchy name and I'm proud of it. I think everybody knows popcorn, and they are aware of this word, and they know the meaning. There are a lot of meanings to it and it's great that people are actually asking me: why the name ‘Popcorn’ and I have told them that they will know it once they see the film. One and a half hours will pass by and you will not even know. I'm excited, and nervous and have mixed feelings and emotions. I'm hoping for a good response from the audience,” she added.

The young actor revealed that the concept of the movie is different as it revolves around two characters stuck in a lift. It has been directed by Murali Gandham, who is an ad filmmaker. Praising the director, she said, “This is why the movie looks fresh. He is the only one who could have pulled it and he himself has written it so he knows exactly what he wanted. There was clarity.” 

 Sai Ronak will be seen with Avika in the film. The duo has earlier worked in “#Bro”. She said, “We shared our first on-screen kiss, and we became friends (laughs). But it's not the reason I got him on-board. He is very talented and I think he is going to do many more great projects ahead. Also, I wanted to have somebody who is very charming, and extremely interesting to watch because this movie has only these two characters”

Avika made her Telugu debut with “Uyyala Jampala” in 2013. Sharing her experience of working in the industry, she said, “My experience in the Telugu industry has always been very nice because I always had amazing teams to work with. All my heroes were extremely talented and amazing. I'm friends with all of them even now.” 

“This industry has given me a lot. A lot of movies, a lot of projects, and a lot of opportunities, one of them is becoming a producer. I think that confidence is something that this industry gave me and I'm absolutely grateful,” she ended.

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