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Men need to be celebrated as well, say celebs

International Men’s Day was on November 19! It is an occasion to celebrate the men in our lives! Celebrities talk about how men often get ig...

International Men’s Day was on November 19! It is an occasion to celebrate the men in our lives! Celebrities talk about how men often get ignored and how this needs to stop!

Namita Lal

Men’s Day is something that is often joked about in my family! All the men say why don’t we have Men’s Day. It is part of the way we are… Women need to be celebrated a lot, more than men. But I am glad that these issues are raised. Men don’t express their emotions because of their upbringing but now all of that is changing. We will see a very different world in the next 50 years. There will be a lot more gender parity and a lot more vulnerability expressed by men. The future generations will be very different than what we have seen in the past. If you see the universities across the world, a lot of children are involved in these day-to-day affairs of gender equality and that will create a different generation in the future.

Subuhii Joshii
A lot of people don’t know that this day exists. We talk about equality, equal wages, and equal rights, so men should be celebrated equally as women. It’s a little hard for men to express their emotions and they keep it to themselves. But I think we should treat every person nicely and be kind to everyone, irrespective of their gender. I think men are an important part of society and so are women.

Jason Tham
Men and women are built very differently. Men are usually more secretive and hard to express their emotions as they feel we are invulnerable but that’s not the case. We are generally taught from a young age to be independent and strong, etc and so we do as we’re taught. I see women more vocal as they vent or talk the issue out. As men, we tend to keep things private so that our problems don’t cause distress to our loved ones. I would say that though it is important to celebrate the women in our lives, we men would like a piece of the attention too sometimes.

Hiten Paintal
This day is not really celebrated as Women’s Day. is celebrated. Men often hide their emotions, and since the beginning of time, the man has always been the breadwinner of the family and is expected to work hard. So men are used to taking a lot of stress and keeping it inside and not troubling anyone with it. Men should be celebrated well. I have seen my father all my life, he is such a hardworking person. Multiple things go on in his head and he handles everything all by himself. From being a father to a husband to a son; they go through a lot. They also have mental health issues but they don’t want to talk about it. Somewhere the alpha male feeling is there.

Sudhanshu Pandey
A lot of attention and talk happens around Women’s Day, well obviously because no man can exist on their own! Men do end up getting neglected and sidelined in terms of celebrating their manhood and existence. Even in a family, it’s always about the mother, fathers don’t get that kind of attention even from the children. Children are generally more inclined towards their mother as she spends a little more time with the kids. So yes, men do get a little ignored but let’s celebrate them as well, and their ability to take care of and protect their families.

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