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Celebs on their first paycheck

As we grow up and start earning, the first paycheck is always special. Whatever the amount, it makes us happy, proud, and emotional. How we ...

As we grow up and start earning, the first paycheck is always special. Whatever the amount, it makes us happy, proud, and emotional. How we spend it is also a special experience. Celebs share their first salary and how much was the amount. They also reveal how they earned and what they spend it on. Read on:

Zayn Ibad Khan

It is not a very old story. Just 5-6 years back I started working in a gym as a trainer. I was 17 back then as I always wanted to be independent and didn’t want to take money from my parents. As a fitness enthusiast since childhood, I channeled my passion into my profession. And, after working 8-9 hours daily, my first salary was only Rs 3000. I don’t have words to describe how I felt when I got the money. I came back home, and dad was sleeping. So I went to his bed and cuddled him and said ‘Abba meri pehli Kamayi’ and I gave him my money. He kissed me all over and said, ‘you have worked hard my son, it is your hard-earned money, keep it’. He also said that ‘this is just the beginning, you have a world to conquer'.

Anupama Solanki

My first earning was from my first music album. The first cheque I received was of INR sixty thousand. It was a huge amount for me at that time so I was very happy because it was the first earning of my life. With that money, I did a lot of shopping for myself and my family. I am very fond of dresses and sandals, so I purchased designer clothes and sandals. Even now, if I remember that time, a smile comes on my face. I can't tell you how happy I was that day.

Arun Mandola

My first earning was Rs 75 and I went to Gurgaon with some colony people to give polio drops. It was a government project and I gave a small party to my siblings with that money.

Megha Kishore

I earned Rs 5,000 rupees back in 2017 when I first performed on the stage. It was a proud moment for me and my parents. I was on cloud nine that day. I can still feel the happiness that I got that day. I've been working hard to reach my goals, and I know God is always there to support me. I did langar outside a temple with that money. That was the most beautiful moment of my life.

Siddharth Sagar

My first earning was Rs 350 for a live show and I was seven years old. I gave the entire amount to my mom because she enjoyed watching me perform on stage and she saw an artist in me as she is herself. She is the reason why I am here today.

Mitaali Nag

My first earning was Rs 500. I was in the 12th grade when I earned it for choreographing two popular Bollywood numbers that I worked on for two Russian expats in my hometown. They had come to our dance academy and I was the one who knew how to speak English, so I had to teach them the dance. I gave the money to my mother!

Prateik Chaudhary

When I started my business, I earned around Rs 1 lakh in the first month. But, when it comes to acting, my first paycheck was Rs 3000, I used to get it per day for my first project. And, both times I gave the money to my parents.

Anjali Phougat

I started working at a very young age. My first paycheck was at the age of 15 and it was about Rs 2,000 when I started giving part-time tuitions to earn my pocket money and help students. I gave some part of that to my parents and the rest was spent on clothes. I loved dressing up and spending money on clothes. It feels unreal when I look back at how my life has evolved from living in a small town to building the dream life that I have now.


It was Rs 982 and I earned it at Zee, Delhi where I worked at that time. I bought a few things for my family and a close friend with the money. Rest, I had spent on myself.

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