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Celebs on how tough it is to get back to their usual routine post Diwali

Diwali is over, and most of us are missing all the fun, laughter and food we enjoyed. It’s time to get back to our daily grind, even if many...

Diwali is over, and most of us are missing all the fun, laughter and food we enjoyed. It’s time to get back to our daily grind, even if many of us might feel like going back. Celebs share the same emotion. We ask them how tough it is to go back to their usual routine once Diwali ends and how do they get over the festival hangover. Here’s what they said...

Sumit Kaul

Diwal for the longest time was just a festival of celebration and would end up becoming the festival of indulgence. But in recent years it’s taken on a different meaning for me. I still see it as a celebration, however that of being alive and becoming a beacon of light for everyone around you. So although I still celebrate, I don’t indulge much, so the question of hangover doesn’t arise. In fact I feel rejuvenated and refreshed after Diwali.

Yes, it’s very tough to get back to our usual life. I wait for both my birthday (which is on choti Diwali) and Diwali with a lot of enthu the whole year around. I wake up the morning after Diwali filled with enthu to start the New Year with freshness and a new vigour. I feel the festive hangover a lot and wish the celebrations last longer.
Anjali Phougat
It does feel sad. Diwali is the biggest festival of the year so we have a lot of emotions attached to it. We have parties two weeks ahead of the festival and honestly speaking we keep partying till the end of the year. We celebrate even more here in the USA because we miss our family and culture. It’s hard to go back to routine but I don’t mind the festive hangover. It’s all good to see so much joy around and I love everything about Diwali celebrations— from dressing up, decor to fireworks. It feels like a new beginning of prosperity and happiness.
Rajniesh Duggal
Diwali festivities and routines are usually fun. I love this time - of Course it does take a toll for a few weeks, especially the pre-Diwali weeks, but then that’s the beauty of it. I have never had a festival hangover. In fact, I have been shooting everyday around Diwali for so many years and never had an issue. But I do start missing the sweets and meeting all my friends almost every night. 
Jason Tham
Diwali is always the talked about festival throughout the year and usually people plan to go out during this time. Regardless, it usually takes about a day or two to come back to my normal routine. But, if there is an important project or shoot the next day I switch off/ switch on very easily without anyone noticing.
Prateik Chaudhary
To be honest, I was working even on Diwali, there were no leaves for me. So I just spent time with my family and enjoyed this beautiful festival. It was more like a regular routine only. So, no festival hangover or anything etc for me.

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