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Be kind, reach out; industry frat react to the increasing number of suicide cases after actress Vaishali Takkar’s death

Gone too soon…Vaishali Takkar at 30 committed suicide and her peers from the industry say that they are unable to believe that she is no mor...

Gone too soon…Vaishali Takkar at 30 committed suicide and her peers from the industry say that they are unable to believe that she is no more. The number of suicide cases is increasing day by day, and celebrities add that something needs to be done about it!

Nyrraa M Banerji

Vaishali was my co-star in Rakshabandhan. It’s really disturbing. Maybe she could have thought once that there was so much to explore in life. She was a chirpy and positive girl. We must have a support system in place. We need to share our lives with a friend or a parent.

Shehzada Dhami

it is disturbing to know a young actress only 30 years committed suicide. One must have one or two people in life with whom one can share anything. Looks and outside behaviour can be deceptive. You just can't judge what is going on inside one's mind or heart. Have people around you whowith m you can trust your thoughts and emotions. Life is too beautiful to be given up. Relationships are causing a lot of pain in most actors' lives. One needs to let go of things. One must love oneself no matter what.

Mitaali Nag

I am shocked, I have no words to comment. Though I never got a chance to meet her, I had heard such good things from the hair and makeup artists about her. I wish she had taken help. I wish she had lived to see a bright future. I have learnt one thing from the increase in the number of suicide cases, let’s be kind. Everyone is fighting their own battle. God bless her soul and give strength to her family.  Om Shanti.

Sudhanshu Pandey

Any suicide is connected with mental health… we need to really identify people who show signs of mental health issues through their behaviour n really aggressively help them out because people who have such issues won’t be able to voice it, family and friends or whoever needs to actively look out and support them


It is a sensitive time for her family and friends. I’m personally trying to come to terms with this …I wouldn’t like to say anything at this moment. Will just work on creating a safe space around me. That’s the best I can do.

Prateik Chaudhary

It’s sad to hear the news of anyone committing suicide. Life is precious. We all must have a support system in place. Having people to share your life with is a must. Acting is a demanding profession. Developing personal and professional balance is not an easy thing to do. One must think about what will near and dear ones go through if you kill yourself. That thought should stop you from taking any drastic steps. Rest in peace Vaishali.

Aniruddh Dave

It's actually unbelievable and very disheartening to know this. Why are such things happening... I don't know what to say. I am speechless. 

Neelu Kohli

Our appearances are so deceptive. I met this girl when we were shooting together for a web series. She was such an innocent girl. But I don’t know whether her personal support system was with her or not. What happened to her? Is it momentary or is it something you do and regret later but at the moment it’s very disturbing. She wanted to do so much in life when I met her. This was even far before she did Sasural Simar Ka. At that time, I could see so much focus and passion in her. It’s very important to have your personal support system or at least one person with whom you can share and that person is able to disconnect that thought from you because this was just momentary and she had her whole life ahead of her.  

Shehzad Shaikh 

My deepest condolences to the family. As an acting community, we need to stay closer together, to be more friendly together. It’s a big loss for this community, actors, and colleagues and we all miss her dearly. We hope never to have any other from our acting community go through this.

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