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Find out what has been actor Sudhanshu Pandey’s greatest birthday present ever

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey recently celebrated his birthday on August 22. The actor shared his life's philosophy with us. The cast and crew ...

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey recently celebrated his birthday on August 22. The actor shared his life's philosophy with us. The cast and crew of Anupama celebrated their dear Vanraj Shah’s birthday on the sets with a sumptuous cake. Though producer Rajan Shahi couldn’t make it due to some prior commitments, his best wishes were there with Sudhanshu who says, ”My birthday wasn't different from last year because I was shooting last year as well. There was a cake cutting on the set by the production house and it was a great feeling to have it with the people with you whom you are literally living on a daily basis. Though our producer Rajan Shahi could not be present, he was the one who made sure that the cake was cut for me.“ 

Sudhanshu created his own position in the industry right from his Band Of Boys as a lead singer to his brilliant performance in Anupamaa. With every show, he has climbed new heights every time. Speaking about his achievements over the years he says, ”When I look back I think my greatest achievement in the last few years has been a couple of projects that I have done, the latest being Anupamaa. So in the last 2 years, it has been my biggest achievement. I think the popularity of the show and the popularity of all the actors is proof enough for me to consider this as one of the biggest achievements.” Pandey also shares that one of his most memorable birthday gifts was what he got from his father. 

“When I was 8 years old, we used to live in Nainital and my father had given me a beautiful surprise gift. I used to love skating and he had gifted me a pair of skates that had red fibre wheels and the first of its kind back then. I remember I was so elated he kept the skating shoes under the bed for me and I was completely thrilled to get it.”

So this year what have you gifted yourself? “No self-gift for myself but I think the biggest gift is that I'm healthy and happy. I have a family that I go back to every day and I think God has been very kind and blessed me with some great work, family, and some good friends and I think that is all you need for living a good life. I spent the day with family, then I went to a temple, did a little pooja, came back home and had dinner with the family, with my wife and the kids and I think that is the best ritual one can have on a special day.” 

Sudhanshu is also someone who is very handsome and always kept his aura the same. So what’s the secret? 

“I think it's just basic discipline that you have in your life where you take care of your health, practice your beliefs, which is what I do, Pray to God every day. I try to do Pranayam and I work out and keep my diet in check. My food is very controlled. My sleeping time is very controlled and all these disciplinary habits sort of giving you the kind of longevity that you need as an actor and I guess that's the reason why I have the aura or the glow on the face which I am taking as a great compliment.”

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