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E-commerce software solution ‘MagXmart’ launched

Magnetite India announced the launch of its revolutionary and Next-Gen E-commerce Software Solution MagXmart at a city hotel on Thursday . ...

Magnetite India announced the launch of its revolutionary and Next-Gen E-commerce Software Solution MagXmart at a city hotel on Thursday. Keeping in mind the basic needs of our daily lives and visible gaps in the industry, this remarkable e-commerce software will change the way people buy products and avail of any services online. It is India’s first e-commerce platform that will feature the best of both worlds - handicrafts and commercial products.

For the past couple of years, Magnetite India, headquartered in Kolkata, and its team have been working continuously to fix loopholes in sustainability, waste management, and India’s rural handcraft industry. India is a culturally diversified country with different handmade products from different states and UTs that reflect the uniqueness and greatness of India. However, as the artisans do not have sufficient funds, or knowledge to expand their business, there is no significantly visible penetration of handmade products in the Indian market. Magnetite India found no e-commerce sites addressing this critical gap.

With a vision in mind and a passion to uplift the Indian rural economy, Magnetite India worked relentlessly to remove the void between the consumers and sellers through this innovative e-commerce software. MagXmart will allow millions of artisans in India to showcase their products through this platform and reach out to all handmade product-loving consumers.

MagXmart is committed to making the lives of the artisans from rural India much better than before. It will also ensure that the creative and talented artisans get credit and respect for their work.

Consumers will also be able to order different types of commercial products (groceries, apparel, furniture, etc.). Additionally, this unified e-commerce software offers a whole new Puja Samagri section. It has also launched the option to get in touch with a Pandit instantly to make your Puja effortless and successful. Those with pets will be able to book pet caretaking services too.

Indranil Srimani, MD, Magnetite India, said, “We are confident that MagXmart will not only invoke a revolution in the Indian handicrafts industry but also set a whole new benchmark in the E-commerce Industry in India. MagXmart endeavours to deliver electronics, furniture, branded clothes, jewellery, organic products, handmade products and e-book, and more. We envision improving the lives of Indian handcraft artisans as well as rural talents who barely earn pennies to meet their daily needs.”


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