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Are we really independent? Celebs debate...

India will be celebrating its 75th year of Independence this year, but even after seven decades are we really independent, or are we really ...

India will be celebrating its 75th year of Independence this year, but even after seven decades are we really independent, or are we really free? Celebs feel even though our country is independent, we individuals are not because of our mindsets. Read on to know more:

Vijayendra Kumeria: We will be celebrating 75 years of Independence, but we still need a lot of development, like a good healthcare system, less poverty, rural economy, sanitation, etc. needs a lot of attention. It's very subjective when we talk about freedom of speech, sometimes you feel that you are free to talk about any issue, but sometimes it's not the case. Thanks to social media, in the name of freedom of speech there are some people who say a lot of things or rather a troll people without having their facts right. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you are free to talk dumb.

Mohit Malhotra: Even after seven decades, we are not as independent as we should be. Freedom of speech is restricted due to media and political pressures. We need to become more open-minded as a society, and less judgmental. I believe we have a long way to go in terms of expressing ourselves truly as actors, writers, singers, and in the corporate world.

Avinash Mukherjee: I feel we are really independent after seven decades; we have really come a long way and apart from freedom of speech, we have several fundamental rights that let us live an essential lifestyle that we are living presently. Obviously, there are areas that need improvement. I think while India is free, people are not, the moment people are free of their critical mindset about sexism, racism, and gender inequality, we will be truly free then.  Nothing can truly change in our system unless people are willing to change themselves.

Amal Sehrawat: I feel that it is our duty to not only celebrate our freedom but also understand the real meaning of freedom. August 15 feels like a festival and showing respect just for one day to our country is not enough. In reality what you think of your country, and what steps you take personally to make any changes, that's what matters. Because a country is made with every single individual and if one of them can make a change then the whole country can bring a change. We talk about being good to each other, we talk about human rights but we can’t maintain what we say. We talk about respecting girls but we know the reality that girls are scared of walking alone on the road. Only when things like this are taken care of, we will be truly independent.  

Himanshu Malhotra: August 15, 2022 is our 75th Independence Day and from then to now many things have changed but I believe that most basic like the education system has not changed. In foreign countries, their government gives the best education, but here people believe that government schools and government teachers are not perfect. I believe that government education should be free and good just like private schools. The second thing is medical facilities, the difference between government and private medical systems has vast differences. These two things are our fundamental rights and I believe we have every right to get them.

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